Jan. 3rd, 2017

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 Who: Starstruck crew and visitors.
Broadcast: None.
Action: The Starstruck!!!
When: January, all throughout!

[Just your usual mingle, folks, don't mind us. Yes I used the dorkiest icon I had for it.]
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Who: Kubo and You
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Marsiva

[ Kubo wakes up with a jerk, fumbling around before he realizes it's not dark. The fire isn't lit and — this wasn't the cave he grew up in. Groping around, Kubo felt the solid presence of his shamisen, the two strings intact and breathes a sigh of relief. Then he carefully slips off the bed, slinging it over his back. With his one eye, he looked around. And pinches himself. ]

Okay. Not dead. Where am I? This isn't the Heavens . . . is it?

[ He had been sure everything had been settled, but Kubo hadn't exactly had time to learn the exact nature of what lingers above. ]
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Who: Crew of the First Breath
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Aboard the First Breath
When: Throughout January

[For all your ship mingle needs, First Breathers and Friends to First Breathers.]


Jan. 3rd, 2017 12:32 pm
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[Tyrion has looked better, truth be told. His mis-matched eyes were distant, sad, and a little red-rimmed. Winn's bottle of wine was open at his elbow, half empty, but it appeared that he had slowed down his consumption from the last time people saw him endulge.

Voice quiet, but steady, he spoke directly into the camera.]

For those who have, or have not been paying attention ... Daenyrs Stormborn Targaryan has gone home. Drogon, I believe, has gone with her.

[With that, he clicks off the feed. Fzzzzzt. Silence.]


Jan. 3rd, 2017 03:53 pm
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Who: Bishop and Visitors!
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Bishop
When: Throughout January!

[Here lies your mingle for Bishop and friends!]


Jan. 3rd, 2017 08:54 pm
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Who: "Soujirou" aka Okita Souji and you!
Broadcast: Network-wide
Action: SS Golden, later the SS Iskaulit Gym
When: (Broadcast) January 3rd, morning (Action) January 3rd and onward, afternoons

Since it seems that I'm far enough in the past for most people to consider me quite long gone, I suppose there's no harm in announcing who I am. It's a little strange, seeing how I kept this to myself for so long before.

But-- [deep breath] --I'm a teacher of the Tennen Rishin style of swordsmanship. [What, did you think he'd announce himself for real? Haha, silly you. Still, people who know of him, might get a clue from that.] I'd like to find someone willing to spar with me, if they're up to it. I heard there is a space for it on the-- [ugh, foreign names are hard.] Iskaulit? The other big ship. I'll be there every afternoon to practice.

Also, I've been searching for proper boken or shinai as well, so if anyone can help me find some, I would be very grateful.

[Every afternoon, Souji will be at the Iskaulit gym in an open area. Before he has practice swords, he'll be using makeshift staves and whatever else he can get his hands on to simulate a sword. Come learn from a legendary swordsman! Or just go "why is that babysitter guy suddenly looking like he can murder 50 people???"]
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Who: Eithan and YOU!!
Broadcast: Yes - fleetwide
Action: Yes - a rented music room in the resort

[ Eithan's broadcasting, selfie-style, to the network from what appears to be a soundproofed room in the Hotel Corona! ]

Yo. Eithan here. I decided I wanted to play some music, so I rented this room for a few days! Figured I'd give my guitar some more attention than it's been gettin' lately, you know? But then I figured, why stop there?

[ He grins, mischievous and excited, and turns the camera around to show an array of other stringed instruments - some look pretty easy to figure out, and usable by being with human-esque features! Others? Not so much. Like, what the fuck is that one in the corner with the tubes jutting out of it? We just don't know. ]

Don't those look fun? [ He laughs a little. ] I have no idea how this is gonna go or what I'm gettin' myself into, but we'll see!

[ Aaaand, camera's turned back to Eithan now. ]

If you wanna come on by and hang out, maybe try a few yourself or bring your own, that's totally cool. I'd love the company. And if you can't make it? Well, I'll be recordin' my attempts and stuff. And I'll leave the channel open so people can listen in if they want. You know, talk and comment and shit. Why not?

(( OoC: Feel free to have an action thread in the room, or drop him a line if you're listening in while he's playing! He's pretty damn great with a guitar, but these alien contraptions? They're bound to be hilarity of all kinds, and probably won't sound too great at first while he's laughing his ass off and figuring out what the hell does what~ ))

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