Jan. 8th, 2017

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Who: kate bishop + you!!
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: blameless
When: today

[ every joint pops when kate bishop wakes up. for the first half hour, all she does is stay in her bunk and stare at the ceiling. what the futz just happened? she wrestles with the ringing ache in her head -- trying to pinpoint the last thing she remembers. was it winn's birthday party? was it venice beach? was it both? with a groan, she at long last sits up. gropes for her communications device.

and realizes just how long she's been out. futz and futz and futz again. ]

Hey, fleet. [ she sounds groggy. and (to those who know her) more than a little under the weather. her dark hair is piled up in a messy bun. she looks...tired. ] Ever have a week-long hangover before? Because what a shitty ability that would be. I've been out since New Year's. What'd I miss?

[ kate doesn't even change out of her pjs. she rolls into the blameless's kitchen and begins to rattle around the cupboards. she wants water -- actually, she wants coffee. but she doesn't have the patience even for the stove-top espresso maker. the feed catches all of it: her expression of dismay as she adjusts back to what a space-kitchen has to offer; her disgruntled yawn; the moment when she collects herself before sitting down and addressing the feed once again. ]

One more thing, actually. What do you do when you feel like you know too much?
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Who: Leo Fitz
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: on the Bishop
When: Jan 6th ; post-shuffle

[ he hardly had a chance to really look around the marsiva before he was transported elsewhere. the time allowed him to get his bearings, but mostly it allowed him a chance to calm down a little after what he just experienced with the whole... well, hydra. he's by no means past the whole ordeal but he feels like he can breath now, at least.

he halfheartedly looks around the bishop, trying to get a feel for the layout though not really entering any of the rooms just yet. except for the kitchen. that's where he sits down and pulls out his communicator

My name's Fitz. Leo - Leopold - Fitz. Is this really some sort of reality show? In space? [ and if so, why did they chose him? especially without simmons. at least if she was here they could properly appreciate the fact that he is on a ship in space right now. instead he's worried about her. and the rest of the team, of course ]

Quick question. Another question. Does shield mean anything to you? Not a shield, but just... shield.

[ and he ends the feed there. coulson, may, ward, any one of them would be much better at asking without asking. but they're not here! well actually he's not sure yet if they are. that's what he's trying to find out. at the very least, maybe this will point him in the direction of someone he can trust ]
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Who: The Staff at The Space Bar
Broadcast: No
Action: Kitchen in the Space Bar
When: Today

When Remy left the fleet it left Vash alone minding the kitchen of The Space Bar. Luckily there was Jarvis who was joining him on the roster and Stefan was helping out while he got settled into the role. Of course there was the rest of the bar staff as well who would be able to lend a hand!

For today Vash was having both Jarvis and Stefan over at the same time to show them around the kitchen and where everything is. The problem? Vash is having a bit of fun showing off what he already knows of the kitchen that he's forgotten someone's order as it cooked.

A little grease fire growing rapidly out of control is normal and fine in a kitchen, right?

"Huh, do you two smell something burning?"

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