Jan. 10th, 2017

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Who: Windrose crew and visitors!
Broadcast: Unlikely
Action: Windrose
When: January

[Get your mingle on now that we're leaving the hotel and ice planet behind! We also have a new-ish crewmate.]
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Who: Leliana
Broadcast: Yes
Action: aboard the Blue Fish
When: now

[Have a redhead nun/rogue on your feed, fleeters. Someone took a bit of a nap this week and now has new memories? And also questions.]

I apologize if my absence was noticed by my crew or those I speak to in the Interfaith Center. It seems Atroma enjoys putting me to sleep for long periods of time - though the question is "How long?" I suppose. Should I expect any ill effects from repeated instances like these?

[Though she was a bit groggy waking up.]

It seems time passed much more quickly while I was asleep. It felt as if I had returned home again and time had passed there as it normally does here. Two years passed there while it feels as if no time has passed here at all.

[Private message to Riona]

It seems the Inquisitor saw fit to elect me as Divine in Justinia's place, since you and I last spoke.
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Who: Riona and you
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Anywhere on the Iskaulit
When: Tonight

[It hadn't struck Riona right away, what today was. In the morning, she'd gone about her usual business, just like any other day. In fact, she may never have realized it at all, if she hadn't just idly thought about it. It hit her rather hard, leaving her almost breathless for a moment.

Today marks one year since she arrived in the fleet.

A lot of emotions come with it, ones she struggles with throughout the rest of the day. It's what eventually drives her to the Iskaulit, fighting with her thoughts as Kiter meanders alongside of her, enjoying the exercise. Riona finally decides to maybe try the network and get her thoughts out that way, rather than just mulling over them.]

I find myself observing the one year mark of my arrival to the fleet. [She falls quiet a moment, lips quirked to one side.] It's been quite a year. To those who have observed this anniversary for themselves: did you find yourselves feeling rather mixed about the whole thing? Personally, I can't quite figure out how I feel about it, quite honestly.

Maybe I should simply accept that, that there aren't going to be much in the way of words. [A huff.] Maybe what I need more than anything is a distraction. I've spent the better part of the day chewing it all over in my mind. If anyone has an idea for such, I welcome suggestions. Alternatively, if company is wanted, I'm walking with my dog around the Iskaulit.

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