Jan. 21st, 2017

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Who: Nami and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Iskaulit
When: Now

Space Bar is back open for business.  Brand new seedy-looking furniture and everything. 

[Wryly.  Well, you take what you can get in a rest stop like this, and it's not like their furnishings were classy to begin with.  She might have had to empty out her double casino winnings for the most part, but what the hell.  It's in the name of business and there will always be more casinos, right?

Anyway.  She's making this announcement from the Space Bar, but she has a lot more to say.]

So...this is the third attack on the Fleet that people know of.  Two by this mystery Fleet and one by a bunch of jackass raiders.  It pretty well stands to reason that it's gonna happen again some  time in the future-- hopefully a lot later rather than sooner, but.  There were a lot of near misses. 

[Aria still hasn't woken up.  For one.]

So a couple things:

One, I'd really appreciate getting whatever information we can together about both groups, and I would assume I'm not the only one.  People actually managed to speak to that first Fleet this time, didn't they?  I know my Comms officer got through, at least.  So what gives that they rescued us this time instead of screwing us over?  We need to work out what the hell is going on there. 

Two, the raiders were pretty cut and dried, and I don't think they had Atroma ties-- at least, their ships aren't compatible with our augments.   I think they were exactly who they said they were.  But even if they don't come back... we weren't prepared for an attack.  And we should be, because I guess space piracy is totally a thing, and next time we might not have a handy bunch of ships lurking nearby to help us out.  Our crews need to be well balanced so that no ship is left without crucial defences.  We need to have some kind of contingency plan in effect fleetwide, even if it's only an outline.  I don't have the experience for that kind of thing, but I know there's people among us who do.

So... if you've got any information, no matter how trivial you think it might be, could you share it?  Experiences, weird stuff that happened, anything.  And ideas for how to deal with this if it happens again would be great, too.  I'm gonna be writing up a policy for my own ship. I'd love to hear what other captains did with theirs.  And definitely, seriously, please give thought to moving to another ship that's lacking your augment if you're already a little redundant on your own.

I guess that's it...?  [I'm not used to speechifying! 

...well, she can hope someone with more experience will take over from here.]

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