Jan. 26th, 2017

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Tina Belcher's Erotic Friend Fiction Presents: TINA IN SPACE

One day, Tina suddenly awoke on a spaceship. It was a pretty cool spaceship, but she felt confused because her family was nowhere to be seen, and there wasn't a welcome video or something to explain what was going on. And yet, Tina was sure this wasn't a dream and

oh my God I can't keep writing like nothing is happening, is ANYONE reading this?????


[And Tina decided to flip on the video function, as well, after fiddling around with her communicator a bit. However, as soon as she did, her old stage fright managed to take over, and all that came out of her mouth was a prolonged groaning noise.]



[After her broadcast, the first thing Tina did was tear apart the hospitality deck in search of her family. There weren't many places any of them could hide here, it seemed, but she kept looking, trying not to go into full-blown panic mode.]

Mom? Dad? Gene? Louise?! I'd even take Jimmy Jr. or Zeke or Mr. Fischoeder if you're around... but maybe not Jimmy Pesto... [It was a while before she calmed down, realizing that she was alone... for now. So she did the only other thing she could think of to do- went to the cafeteria to eat, try and decide her next move, and wait and see what sort of answers she'd be getting.]
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Who: Kaworu Nagisa and anyone else
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: he's off on his own, for now.
When: afternoon

It's curious to call a place the way this place is called. "Solace" is a deeply personal concept to any creature, I believe. What brings you that measure of peace is going to be different from what brings it to me. So there's a lot of confidence in naming this space Solace, because how did they know whether this has what you or I are seeking?

But isn't it a little nice, too? The people who created this place must have found their solace in it themselves, and they truly believed it to be a provision of peace for the average heart. Those people have long since passed, I'm sure, now dead and having scattered past all these clouds. But what they believed to be vital, what nourished their well-being, remains here as a beacon of their hopes and endeavors. You know, it's always that way: when anyone leaves the world, their personal truths linger on, a landmark of reality. To the founders of Solace, this was solace. So it remains, whether or not you or I find our peace here.

Oh, anyway, hey, what do you think of this thing?

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