Jan. 28th, 2017

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Who: Livewire
Broadcast: Video, fleet-wide!
Action: Anyone aboard the SS Heron
When: Early morning hours of the 28th (Video), throughout the day (Action)


[Whether deliberately or by pure accident, the newest Communications Officer is abruptly dropped onto the bridge of her new cell posting, the Heron. Sure, she'd kept to herself aboard the Marsiva, mostly trying to figure out what was what by eavesdropping on everyone else, but she'd hit the breaking point and started pounding on locked doors near the end there. Which was why it was hard to say whether the timing of her sudden arrival was by accident or by design, as she'd shown up mid-tirade.]

-boot right up your sorry alien...!

[Aaaaand cue the confetti and tinny fanfare. That, and Livewire's immediate realization that she was no longer where she had been just a few moments ago. There's an obvious look of shock on her face at the sudden transition, but it's quickly replaced by one of seething fury. Which, admittedly, probably wasn't made any better by all the confetti falling deciding it'd be super neat if it reminded her that static cling still exists, and now she's a polka-dot confetti'd mess.

And it takes all of two seconds of gritted teeth and growling before she's a polka-dotted, smoking confetti'd mess as each piece starts to smolder, seeing as how she's currently jettisoning enough electricity to pass for an oddly human-looking Tesla coil. Hopefully those stray arcs of electric current that've started firing off around her don't hit anything expensive, but at least for the moment it's mostly the floor and bulkheads taking all the hits.]

Action )

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