Jan. 29th, 2017

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Who: marian hawke & you.
Broadcast: fleetwide text.
Action: iskaulit.
When: now.

makers breath i am tired of fixing things
is anyone else tired of fixing things?? its feels like it is endless
not to mention i am rather useless at it

ill be at the space bar if anyone wants to join me :)
we can have a drink or play a game of cards or tell exciting and embarrassing stories
doesnt matter really as long as it isnt fixing things

[ If one does venture to the Space Bar they will in fact find (1) Marian Hawke, head buried in her device. On the floor beside her foot sits a small cleaning droid with a rather distinctive pattern painted on top of it. She doesn't seem to notice the droid idly beside her, barely raising her head when she accidentally taps it with her foot. ]

video 1;

Jan. 29th, 2017 09:47 am
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Who: Doudanuki Masakuni & the Fleet
Broadcast: Video
Action: The Caprine
When: 1/28 and onward

[So this was a thing - space, big ships, being bored, no war, and - most importantly - no Saniwa. That had freaked him out when he first arrived, as well as the fact that him interacting with all these people wasn't going to blow a hole through time and space. But well, here he was and the Keibiishi hadn't shown up to lop his head off, so it must be fine, right? .....Right?

With the usual tinny fanfare, he appears on the Caprine ship and after a quick look around his surroundings, decides to try the little device he's seen his Saniwa talk into before.

This place is a piece of shit. What the hell happened to it?

And where's my Saniwa? Because it's one thing to go back in time, but this looks like it's forward and I'm not sure I'm supposed to be here. If any of the other swords can hear this, which one of you messed up the dial? Or did one of you idiots lose me on the training mission. If you left me behind, I'm gonna kick your ass when we get back.

[That's okay to ask, right? If it's in the future, then surely they know about time travel since the government sanctioned it to keep the world from exploding.]

comm 003

Jan. 29th, 2017 11:30 am
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Who: Felix Gaeta
Broadcast: Video, Fleetwide
Action: Vanquish Cargobay
When: Now!

[When this video starts, Felix is standing over two boxes stacked on top of one another. The top one is open, and he's pulling....books? out of it.]

If anything was going to convince me that these sponsor drops are pointless, it would be this. Our fleet is attacked, and this is what someone thinks to send?

[He glances at a title, frowns, and then holds it up to the camera. Dating Advice from a Manwhore: A Guide to Overcoming Self-Doubt, Relationship Struggles, and Finding Your Authentic Self. After a second, he puts it down, and takes out another one: It's Just a F***ing Date: Some Sort of Book About Dating.]

I'm really not sure what to make of this particular interest in my dating life.

[Or lack thereof, but he doesn't need a man, thanks.]

Anyway. There's more where these came from and I sure as hell don't need them. If anyone's interested, let me know. You can contact me privately too. Just in case, you know, you feel the need for privacy.

[He pulls another book out of the box at the same time that he goes to end the video and...looks vaguely surprised and confused for a second. Just before the video cuts out, there's an image of a different kind of book on the screen.]
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Who: Sorey, Zaveid, Dezel, Mikleo
Broadcast: Closed to those listed above
Action: Huntress
When: post Lailah's departure

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