Jan. 30th, 2017

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Who: Caster, anyone else
Broadcast: Voice
Action: On the Vanquish!
When: Now!

[Caster's been missing for a while after the attack. She told her crew she had to go recover her mana, and then.... Well, she slept for a few weeks. Probably more Atroma-related than mana deficiency. But she's back, wandering the ship and actually corporeal, which is fairly unusual. She'll be looking for her crew, at least.

But once that's taken care of, she's going to make a voice post.]

To go to sleep and experience memories of your home world again, before waking up here again... I'd known it could happen, but it's quite frustrating to experience first-hand. But really, what timing! From space battles here, to conquering Rome there, and now returning here... Well, at least I'm away from that gaudy Empire for a while, but couldn't I have brought people with me for this vacation? How cruel, to bring a good wife and mother here without her family. Can I petition the Atroma to bring them here? Or better yet, curse the Atroma for it? A few hundred million volts should speed up the process, right?

Ahh, but I'm rambling. Hello, everyone, please ignore all of that! The cute and charming Tamamo has returned to grace the Fleet with her beauty and wisdom once more. It's unfortunate, but I seem to have missed a lot, so I would reeeeaaaaally appreciate it if someone could catch me up on what happened after we got attacked by those raiders. I hope someone wiped them all out?

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