Feb. 3rd, 2017

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Who: Adalwolfe Hawke and you!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Yes, Iskaulit or Three Twins
When: During drift week

[While the Fleet was mostly in dry dock at the last port and the Three Twins was getting an overhaul at the expense of basically the entirety of Wolfe's coin (and that of who knows how many other people), Adalwolfe started getting back into studying, tinkering with things, and just generally tried to move on from the whole ordeal. Sort of. He still holds a heavy curiosity over the assistant fleet that helped to chase off the bandits and tried to send a message to that frequency discovered while tinkering with the wire tap device.

The very next day finds him as a human whirlwind in the library on the Iskaulit. He's not a stranger to the place of course, far from in fact since he's been trying to learn on and off the things he felt his magical education was lacking in while growing up, but today he is a veritable force of nature. Anyone who walks in can find him practically buried under stacks upon stacks of books on every subject. Mostly magical but many mundane, including a guide to SQL coding and a large yellow and black tome titled Feng Shui for Dummies. And is that...? No there couldn't be porn in Felix's library, right?

Adalwolfe himself is speeding through the books at a breakneck pace, eyes working like a typewriter as he stamps the words into his brain. Of course, his time with each book doesn't last very long before he reaches for the next one that's maybe tangentially related but certainly another thing he wants to learn. He'll get back to the previous book later. He's done this upwards of 40 times now and books are scattered to open sections on a dizzying myriad of topics. Every so often he stops long enough to type things into his communicator, the result of which can be found on the network several hours later...]

Hey fleet!

[Adalwolfe looks entirely too bouncy for his 35 someodd years of age and the way he talks is with a much more rushed pace than normal, as if he can't get all his thoughts out fast enough.]

I've been doing a lot of reading here in the library and I wrote this thing about magic that I'll upload for you here in a sec or right now might be better so you know what I'm talking about so here--

[Lo' and behold, a document appears with a download link.]

--because you know everyone who does magic here does different magic unless they're form the same world and so it's really interesting to share it all and find out how its related and how it can be classified together because what's considered magic in some places isn't magic in others like enchantment back home isn't magic because Dwarves can do it and everyone knows Dwarves can't do magic because they're resistant to it but enchantment is magic in other places and I don't know why but I still think it's very interesting.

[Oh, there's the end of the sentence. Take a breath.]

If anyone has anything they want to add I'll be glad to add it to the thing so that it has as much information as possible and maybe it can help us all learn from each other or find out how different things work for different worlds though I really don't think anyone should be doing a couple of these like necromancy or blood magic because those require dead bodies that'll stink up the fleet or just really dumb decisions like talking to demons - and I mean Thedas demons, not demons like some of you here because all the demons and spirits I've met here in the Fleet are totally fine and I don't think they want to take over anyone's bodies or anything like that so basically no blood magic or anything but if we practiced somewhere safe then elemental magic and making potions to help the fleet could be a lot easier with more than two of you doing it, right?

[Another breath.]

I also think there's something going on with those devices we found awhile ago because I messed with it again and then this morning I just couldn't stop reading and writing things down like about magic but about other things too like coding and sewing and dragons and did you know the library has a distinct lack of dragon books? Felix we need more books about dragons because dragons are awesome and I really think lacking them is depriving the whole fleet.

[At least he's aware there's something weird going on with him, even if he keeps getting distracted by his own brain.]
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Who: Blameless crew and visitors!
Broadcast: if you want
Action: Blameless
When: All of February

[it's a mingle! And of course, there's an activated device which may or may not be causing hijinks]
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Who: The wonderful crew of the SS Wonderduck and any visitors.
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS Wonderduck
When: February 3rd and onward

['sup ducks new and old. What are you up to?]
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Who: Jack Sparrow
Broadcast: Video, open to all
Action: On the Wonderduck if you want
When: Now!

[The video turns on to... an really close upclose of Jack, his gold teeth shining in the light.]

I'm 'avin' a thought here, magical mirror. I'm thinking to meself, I'm thinking, 'Jack. You've got a real opportunity here, ey? A real opportunity... to go on adventures... to sail to the furthest reaches of the world and leave your mark on it...'

But, ah... I suppose I'm confused on a few bitsy teeny points. For example... [He smacks his lips together and then presses them together in a thin line before shouting-] where the bloody hell am I?!

I was about to use me pistol on the big-baddy and I've been kidnapped by... someone. That's another good question: who kidnapped me? And while we're at it... let's see... when do we go home? Why are we here? What do they want with us? And... where do you keep your rum?

[He pauses.] In fact, why don't we move that last question up to the front of the line? And then let's squeak in a question about where my pistol is. I want my sword, too, aye, but the pistol... it's important. I'm savin' it for a rainy day, savvy?

That's... all. Be gone, magical mirror!

[He pulls the device back a little, and you can see his brows furrow as he tries to figure out how to turn it off. And then he's pressing everywhere on it until he finally, accidentally (but thankfully) turns it off.]
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Who: Crew of the First Breath
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS First Breath
When: February 3 and Onward!

The day that Tyrion played with the device

Anyone who comes to the First Breath that day will note that everyone on the crew is particularly ... elevated that day. In fact, it seems that they are in the middle of some sort of wild party. All kinds of things are happening - drinking, dancing, fighting, and lots and lots of emotional outbursts.

The rest of the days

Well, it's usually NOT crazy, and the ship was hardy damaged at all so it is already up to peak performance. Come and stop by for a visit!

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