Feb. 5th, 2017

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Who: Wanda Maximoff, friends, shipmates, and YOU!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Yes; Starstruck
When: Early this morning (last night) through the rest of today

A) Closed to Wanda's Christmas List

A very merry and belated Christmas )

B) Fleetwide Broadcast

[When Wanda turns on the broadcast, she looks noticeably... well, tired. It seems she did not get a lot of sleep last night for some reason. Hmmm. Odd. She tries to smile, friendly and cheerfully, though her eyes flutter a few times while she speaks. Girl's likely gonna take a long nap after this.]

I was, um, baking... a lot recently... and I, um... I made extra! So, if anyone would like some cookies or brownies, they are... They are on the Starstruck! ... in the kitchen... room... area...

[She covers her mouth with her hand, attempting (poorly) to cover a soft yawn.]

Help yourselves! I... um, everyone is welcome! First come, first serve though... sorry... I can make some more... later...

[The video feed cuts there, as Wanda falls back onto her bed for some much needed rest. Anybody who received a mysterious, belated Christmas gift this morning just got a big clue as to who it was that delivered them.]
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Who: Jeyne and YOU!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: S.S. Blue Fish
When: Feb 5th


With the newly upgraded kitchen, it became important to Jeyne to improve her cooking and make an effort to create dishes that the rest of the crew could enjoy. While she was still struggling with meats, she had learned to bake without actually burning or under cooking her creations. Perhaps for the first time in all of her attempts, the kitchen was filled with the delicious smell of cookies. She grinned down at her work, nearly bursting with pride.

At the sight of a figure lingering in the doorway, she smiled up at them. "Would you like one?"

[Closed to Beverly]

After having seen to her chores and provided lunch for the crew, Jeyne finally acted on her impulse and made her way to the med bay. Beverly had promised long ago to help her and provide her answers that she needed. Fear had kept her away, not wishing to learn how cruel her mother could be, even to her own blood. Or frustration that, even though she had hope, she was wrong in her belief and truly was barren.

She forced away all thoughts as she found Beverly, wringing her hands nervously. "My lady?" She asked hesitantly, her heart racing in her chest. "Is this a poor time to ask a favor?"

[Closed to Robb]

Later in the afternoon, all of her work and spent attention had left her exhausted. Having retreated to the room she shared with Robb, Jeyne stretched out on the bed to nap. Her sleep was restless, filled with dreams and memories that always seemed to appear when Robb wasn't in bed beside her. The others had gone off to the system, stocking up on supplies and other things, but she found little need to leave the ship. All she needed, she had already.

Robb had been among those disembarking. By the time she woke, she hoped that she would see him in the room again, perhaps with something sweet for them to share.

She stirred as she heard the door shut. Sitting up in bed, Jeyne rubbed her eyes, surprised to see her husband with a sour look on his face. "Robb?"


Feb. 5th, 2017 03:25 pm
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Who: Sam and you!
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: Bloodsport or Iskaulit Bar if you find a way to squeeze in an action thread!
When: Today or whatevs, but backdated stuff is cool too.

[The last week has been really, really rough. Most people probably know.

He's been all but nonexistent for that entire week, and a few days after, too. Buried in hell memories and glitched to the point of barely functioning, he had stayed aboard the Bloodsport mostly with Nami. For the better, he knows later on; Nami understood him best, when it came to that side of him. It doesn't make him anymore ashamed and embarrassed that people had to see that. It makes him a bit depressed in the short time that follows. He wakes up on the third as himself — himself now, anyway. But he decided to just sleep for a day or two and try not to think about all the baggage.

But — he'll get pushed to move eventually, and the bar does need bartenders.

He will be out at the bar as he had been before the glitch.

It was what it was, he reminds himself. It was a part of him, and it's... well, it's not over, it'll never be over, but he's come a long way. He's better than that husk he'd been in the garden. He adapted and he survived. That has to count for something.

Still, there's some things to address.]


Hey, guys, I'm alive. Sorry for being so MIA at the bar, but I'm back now... Let me know if I missed anything.

[He's much better. See?? No burns or scars, and he's got his hair brushed, and everything is A-OK.]

I wanted to... apologize to everyone who ran into me, last week. I, uh, I said some pretty miserable crap and I know I sounded like a crazy person. And I just wanted to thank you guys for putting up with, um... that part of me. It's been years, and I'm much better now, and I don't... want anyone to - [He pauses, wringing a rag from the bar in his hands.] - to worry or anything like that.

I'm okay now.

So If you need a drink, I'll be here.

[A deep breath.]

Well... I don't want to just leave it on that note, so.

... Aaaah, let me think.


What's something you've accomplished that you're really proud of?
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Who: Tina Belcher and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Paisley
When: February 5th

[When Tina turns the camera on, she's... quite chatty. And speaking a lot faster than she normally does.]

So is it normal to have a huge burst of energy come from nowhere because the last time this happened to me I was hooked on espresso but I haven't had a single drop of that magic liquid in years pretty much no thanks to my mom pawning the espresso machine but anyway I can't keep still and this really isn't like me is there some way to make it stop??

[She pauses to take a breath.]

... actually I don't want it to stop BYE.


[Sorry, Paisley shipmates, but your new cook is twitchy and running here to there, compulsively cleaning, when she's not experimenting with food in the new kitchen. Quite a change from her first week here, where she was very retiring and shy.]

1 - video

Feb. 5th, 2017 08:19 pm
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Who: Asuna and anyone
Broadcast: Everyone ever
Action: If anyone's actually on the Marsiva
When: Sunday evening

[The video function turns on to the hesitantly smiling face of a young woman. Blue hair and pointed ears mark her as somewhat different— or they would if this wasn’t a space fleet carrying residents from all over the multi-verse. She waves at the camera, a slight tilt of her head the only immediate indication of any puzzlement, but concern is detectable.]

Ah… hi there. I’ve gone through the information on the computers— or at least what looks like the basics, so I’m trying this now. [She stops, backtracking somewhat.] Obviously I’m new, I think. I just woke up an hour or so ago. I’m still trying to process this, if it’s not a really weird in-game event.

[Her expression sobers for a brief moment before she continues.] Because this isn’t what I normally look like, not really. So…

[And here she catches herself.] Oh, sorry! My name’s Asuna. If anyone has clarification, I’d love to hear it. Thank you.


Feb. 5th, 2017 08:26 pm
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Who: Sokka and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: Sunday 5th

[Sokka keeps tabs on his crew a lot, but there's a few scant people outside of the Blue Fish he absolutely tried to check up on as and when he can. After the...weird hyperactivity effects he'd experienced wore off, he made to check up on exactly one of those people. And his search came up empty.

So, he turns on the video, stepping out of one of the shuttles and heading through the hallways of the Blue Fish, heading to the bridge

I'm not sure who she knew all that much, so I'm making this public in case anyone's missed it and gets worried about her.

[He flops down into his captain's chair with a heavy sigh. This sucks.]

Korra's gone. Home, hopefully. Which is probably a better thing for her. Important Avatar business and all that.

[And then there was one. Again.]
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Who: Allen Walker
Broadcast: Text
Action: Iskaulit Gym
When: 2/6, late at night

[Well Allen's sure in a piss-poor mood tonight, if his late night texts have anything to say about it. Usually he's good at not letting departures get too under his skin. But losing a friend and someone from home in one go? Is a bit much.]

Kanda's gone. I'm sorry if you met him.

[Does that mean he's sorry that Kanda's gone from your life, or just a general apology for ever meeting the guy in the first place? Who knows.]

Also sorry to ask, but does anyone have anything that'd work on fixing tears on a punching bag?

[.......He a little got mad ok.]

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