Feb. 9th, 2017

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Who: Windrose crew and the people who visit them
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Windrose
When: February

[Busy month for the Windrose. They set off a string of glitches by tinkering with found tech. They've lost another captain with Wrath's disappearance though Officer Snuggles remained behind. Misty transferred and Kitty was promoted and that's just the first half of the month. Some of these things aren't official until tomorrow's shuffle.

More importantly, who is going to turn everything pink and glittery for Valentine's Day with Wrath gone?]
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Who: Nami + You
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Iskaulit / Bloodsport / Briefly on the Ring
When: Now!

[The last few days Nami's been feeling progressively more drained, which is annoying, but these glitches tend to follow right on the end of overworking herself anyway, so she doesn't quite notice. Until today, when she quite literally falls asleep for a few seconds and ends up faceplanting on the shoulder of the complete stranger she's buying a bunch of bar alcohol from.


Then half an hour later when she's loading up the shuttle, one can find her literally sleeping on top of a couple of barrels. Maybe she should get someone to help fly her to the Iskaulit, because that seems less awkward and more stupid... okay, so something's up, she's either coming down with something or she's glitching and she'll just get her supplies back to the bar and (zzzz)--

...what was she doing? Oh, right.

Yeah, if you're anywhere nearby she might flag you down to fly her back, because death by faceplanting the shuttle somewhere would be just plain embarrassing.


Whether by miracle or responsible supervision she makes it to the Iskaulit eventually, feet dragging and yawning, and manages to square away new supplies and give the bar staff a heads up.]
This stuff's pretty strong. Don't serve it to anyone you know can't--- [Owlish blink.] -- hold their licks. Liquor. [Yeah, that stuff.]


[And finally some hours after that, text to avoid yawning in people's faces. It's the slowest text ever.]

New stock at the Space Bar. Massive kick. Spicy, sweet. Drink wisely.

[...Nami you're not crafting a telegram. Man, why is this so hard--]

Lot of glitches lately???

you people have stolen all my izhu

[...well. That could be a fancy alien word. Or it could just be that she fell asleep while typing. She'll be back after this nap. Or after someone yells in her ear or... something.

After this, she'll ping the Bloodsport with a message to come get her and go sleep in the garden until someone wakes her up.]

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