Feb. 10th, 2017

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Who: Max Rockatansky
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Starstruck if you wanna find him!
When: In the middle of this glitchapocalypse.


... Why is everyone acting crazy?

I'm supposed to be the crazy one.

[That is literally his post. That's it. He's done.

Guess who hasn't been paying attention after everyone attempted messing with the comms and whatnot.

... He already hallucinates and has mood shifts and whatnot, so what's new.]
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Who: Catelyn Stark
Broadcast: no
Action: a nice dose of hallucinations, for the most part
When: now

A. Hallucinations, OTA

[ At first they were faint, such that she wasn't even certain that she heard them. But a mother knew her children's cries. They were distinct to her, even when they were only small babies. And though she knew in her heart that none of her children would sound like infants, still she heard them. And as time wore on they only got louder and louder, and the compulsion to find them grew more and more urgent. So in earlier stages, she'll simply stop at seemingly random points, listening intently. Later, she will find herself doing things like ripping up the deck plates, or trying to, growing more and more frantic. She may not recognize people that she should. And these moods are chaotic and come out of seemingly nowhere, so you might find her to be perfectly lucid as well. ]

I will find you, my sweetlings. Nothing will hurt you now.

B. Closed to Robb, in the Iskaulit gardens

[The voices did not follow her here to the gardens. And though she was not given to praying in the godswood at home, preferring the ritual of the sept and voices raised in song, she felt compelled to seek the green space and it's quiet here and now. She has closed her eyes and is singing in her heart, seeking a calm she struggles to feel in any other way. And even here it is fleeting. Though it is ship's night and she should be sleeping, she cannot. ]


Feb. 10th, 2017 10:53 pm
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Who: Maedhros & Open
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Yes! On Ring World Siourew.
When: The tenth.

(It is uncommon for Maedhros to be surrounded by...anyone, truly. He has an air about him that affords him space without him saying a word. Perhaps his scars are off-putting or his height or perhaps word has spread that he - along with certain members of his family - are skilled, cold killers when threatened.

Regardless, the tall Elf is finding himself in an uncomfortable situation. Many of those vying for his attention are Co’kal and he is wary of offending them even in his confusion.)

Forgive me, but I cannot - (There is excitement that follows his gentle rejection and he tenses, barely avoiding a hand touching his hair.) I do not like to be touched.

(Which isn't entirely true. His family can touch him freely and he feels no anxiety. However strangers are a different story.

A smaller, somewhat daintier Co'kal makes a sound of sympathy and he smiles nervously.)

I am honored to be given your affections. (Maedhros meets the gazes of all around him, paling when he feels tensions heightening.) But I am not worthy of them. I must tell you now that we would not be compatible as mates.

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