Feb. 13th, 2017

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Who: Belthazar and you!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Blue Fish only.
When: Backdated to Saturday, 2/11.


[Belth is adjusting rather nicely to his new ship, all things considered. He's a little somber having noticed Finrod's absence from the roster of his old one but it is what it is. Life goes on for those who survived when others did not. His expression is tentative and neutral as he switches on the camera to address the network. He's wearing better-fitting clothes this time, at least.]

This world is a peculiar shape, is it not? How did the Co'kal even build such a thing? It must have been so long ago, and it looks about as successful as terraforming can be. But then, how is it able to have an atmosphere? The more I think about it, the more questions I have...

That is not what I meant to talk about, however.

[He coughs lightly.]

I am looking for some help with a certain... ambitious project. I need an engineer or tinkerer, as well as someone with musical expertise, specifically for the crafting of a piano or harpsichord. In the absence of such I have procured a few books, but the engineer is absolutely non-negotiable. We'll need to make a piano from scratch and it must be of lasting quality. There is no better augment suited to a craftsman... or woman... I suppose. I'll pay for materials, obviously.

In short, I'd like to encourage music that wasn't provided by some planet singing in my ears.

[And his ears are very long indeed.]
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Who: Jarvis and you, valentine. ;)
Action: Tourist/Iskaulit, wherever you catch him
Valentine's Day of course!!!

[Jarvis here, ready to be — drunk? Perhaps just a little. He is actually doing a PSA whether he realizes it or not, looking disapprovingly at his wine glass. He's rosy-cheeked and his tie is the slightest bit crooked. Just the slightest. And he is currently abandoning his coat because it is clearly getting hot in the Tourist kitchen.]

Oh, myyyyy goodnessgracious, I think — I... Yes, the wrong bottle, this is... the wrong bottle. It's just a little purple...er than the other I was supposed to take from the shelf. I should have known better; I can't read —

[He looks intently at the liquor bottle, marked in alien writing that their augments certainly can't translate.]

I can't read this, period. I think I accidentally drank one of the more potent... bottles...

[... hiccup]

... Not the whole bottle, mind you, I'm not a barbarian.

Clearly two glasses is downright diabolical. I apologize, Miss Nami, I believe this is one of the newer imports. I will have to credit it out in take — ...take it out in credits. Goodness, it's warm in here. I'm going to go to the Iskaulit, since I fancy it cooler there... Cookies!! [Yes, that's as sudden as it seems, and he claps his hands together.] I'll make some cookies, because it is Valentine's Day, and cookies have to be made, and I haven't the supplies nor the mind-power for chocolate... anything, really. And I certainly have nothing to do on Valentine's Day, no sir — or ma'am. I am quite freed up by... by the light-years-away... -ness, of my predicament. Very much free to bake indeed. I don't mind at all. I — it's very... un-routine of me, to have no one to bake for on this particular date.

[He huffs.]

If you don't have a valentine, please stop by the Space Bar kitchen, I will have cookies so you can at least eat cookies. It's completely unnecessary to have a single valentine — it doesn't need to be a... lady or fellow you fancy, either. I'll have you know I made my classmates biscuits every year, save for — goodness, that time in... 1925...? When I came down with the flu. What a terrible February that was. I thought I'd gone — bubonic.

..... I'm talking quite a lot.

If you'll excuse me, I need my apron. Where did I put my...

[...... He's wandered off.]

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