Feb. 14th, 2017

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Who: Jaime Lannister and YOU
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: Siourew
When: during The Glitchening

A. Insomnia: It's What's For Breakfast | Video | in the Bloodsport's kitchen

[ He has no idea he's being recorded. He has no idea why he's here either. Here, in the larger sense of on this ship, in the fleet, floating through space or here in the simpler sense of in this bloody kitchen. Prior to his arrival here, he'd hardly set foot in a kitchen, and it certainly hadn't been to cook.

He has to assume that assigning him to such duty here was someone's idea of a joke. And not a very funny one, in his opinion.

Even with the technical knowledge of how to do the job right there, strangely, in his mind, he's not very good at it. Knowing how to do something and actually being able to do it well are totally different things. And cooking, like everything else, is made all the more difficult by having only one hand.

Still, he's never been one to concede defeat easily. So when he finds himself tossing and turning, unable to sleep, too restless even to sit still, all but aching with the need to do something, he ventures into the kitchen. It may be hours yet before anyone else is awake, but they'll be wanting breakfast, right?

Anyone watching will see a one-handed man fumbling around the kitchen, dropping things, cursing a lot, and probably making one hell of a mess. If you're lucky, you might even get to see him throw a spatula or punch a microwave. Whatever the case, it's bound to be entertaining. ]

B. Let's Go For A Walk (Around the Planet) | Action | Siourew Wilderness

[ He's bored. He's walked every inch of the ship, explored its every nook and cranny, practiced his way through the entire menu of available foodstuffs (not that it's done any good, mind), tossed and turned and touched himself. Hell, he even resorted to reading - briefly, before he got bored with that too.

The opportunity to explore a new world is more than welcome. And when he learns how much of it is vast, open wilderness, it's even better. He can't help but smile at the sight of trees and rocks and water. Real trees too. Maybe this is what he's been missing. Maybe this is what he needs.

He can't relax, though. Even hours later, when the muscles in his legs are screaming, he can't bring himself to stop. He has to keep going. And going and going and going. He only pauses when he finds himself atop a cliff, looking out over the... is it an ocean? a lake? Who cares? It's a beautiful, pristine, shimmering body of water, and suddenly he feels compelled to jump in. From right here. Maybe take a running leap...

Depending on your timing, you may encounter Jaime hiking feverishly through the mountains, compulsively picking wildflowers and chasing native animals across the fields, or contemplating quite literally taking a flying leap. ]

C. Haunted | Video | Bloodsport

[ He's not very good with this thing, so the video's slightly out of focus and he's slightly out of frame, and for a long moment, he just sits there, unsure where to begin. Addressing a large number of people while actually sitting alone, talking to a small box is a very odd concept, even knowing - intellectually - how it works. ]

I just think you all should know that there is someone very dangerous on board this ship. Someone who may want us all dead.

[ Someone who doesn't seem to like him making this broadcast...

The last thing the video shows is Jaime's stony expression as he looks at something just beyond the camera and slowly stands, reaching for something... ]

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