Feb. 15th, 2017

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Who: Arthur Kirkland
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Málum (Crowley's bar)
When: Feb 15, evening

[Luckily for the fleet, Arthur's decided to broadcast near the beginning of his evening, meaning he's still on his first glass and reasonably sober.]

Would anyone be up for a bit of a trip down to the ring tomorrow? I've been hearing some nice things about the area and it might be nice to get outside for a day or two. Especially after how artificial everything was at the last place. And it's always better with company.

[Takes another sip and sneezes, shaking his head. As he does... well, his control of his powers slips and a pair of wings pops out of his back, halo glowing over his head, and typical clothes swapped in a second to a matching white tunic. He doesn't notice until he picks up his glass for another sip and sees the reflection.]


[Tosses back the rest of the glass and ends the broadcast. Going to need another one.]

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