Feb. 16th, 2017

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Who: Anders (And a message from Adalwolfe)
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Three Twins, if you feel so inclined
When: Now

[A boy seems to have gotten his hands on a communicator. The way he holds it is a little awkward at first, the camera too close to his bright amber eyes, offering a clear view of the minefield of freckles splattered across his cheeks and nose.]

I don't think I'm doing this right...

[His voice is as light as his bright eyes and bright gold hair, but with that occasional crackle that betrays puberty is lying in wait for the pre-teen. A hand can very briefly be seen reaching for the device, but a nauseating burst of movement changes the view as a now-young Anders dances away from his would-be help.]

No, no! I can figure it out!

[The camera rights itself and a very brief flash of Adalwolfe Hawke can be caught in the background as the camera is finally righted, displaying the boy's big toothy grin as he seems to settle in to wait for the magical people who might be about to talk to him.]

So I just wait here, right? And there's people who can hear and see me and I can hear and see them?? Andraste! This is so neat!

[He's clearly very excited and eager to see what sort of magic this weird device has.

But the broadcast is briefly interrupted, unbeknownst to the original poster.]

--Filtered, hacked off of Anders' signal--

[Once Anders is finished, there’s static for a second while Adalwolfe hijacks the channel, making sure to lock Anders out of seeing this part of the message. He looks around surreptitiously before getting quite close to the camera, looking quite a bit more anxious than he did after the bandit attack.]

Alright, look, Aiden here is Anders, and I don’t mean from the Anderfels, I mean the healer Anders. Only he doesn’t know he’s a mage yet at this age and if any of you tell him he’s going to grow up to be one, I will personally come to your cabin when you’re asleep and freeze you solidly to your bunk.

[He starts to tick things off on his fingers.]

Other ground rules include not telling him basically anything about the more grisly parts of his future. Mentions of the Kinloch, the Broodmother, Justice, Kirkwall, or any of that are off limits. Though I guess you can say he’s going to be a Warden in a vague sort of way. He might like that part. Just leave out what it entails if you would.

[That part is aimed mostly at Riona because she’s probably the only person who that would come up with, being a Warden and Anders’ Commander, but it’s a good rule of thumb generally.]

Calling him Anders - because frankly it’s a bit rude to call him by nationality when he hasn’t adopted it as a name yet and he’s going to think you’re an ass. That one’s not really imperative, just a general warning.

[He puts up another finger.]

Mentioning that he has a panacea aura on because, as I said, he doesn’t know he’s a mage yet and frankly that is a panic reaction he doesn’t need to have after already having had to live that nightmare once.

[He very much doesn’t want to elaborate on that.]

If anyone breaks these ground rules, or if any harm comes to him when he’s vulnerable like this, there will be… consequences.

[Much worse than freezing people to bunks, he can assure you. He’s nowhere in the vicinity of fucking around.]

If you have any questions then contact me privately, but just know that in this case I am his keeper and I will keep him safe from harm and distress, make no mistake. You’ve all been warned.

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