Feb. 18th, 2017

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Who: Maglor and YOU! Also Maedhros is likely around somewhere
Broadcast: Video from one of the planet Mine sites
Action: Forges!
When: Anytime during this stop

I must say the good folk of this stop are very kind - they have allowed my brother and I use of the mines and forges here in exchange for some trading. My brother and I are going to be working on some proper swords - if anyone else is inclined to a bladed weapon, we are happy to make you one as well.

Grandfather, Fingon, you needn't ask, but your help in the forges would be invaluable - Maedhros and I manage, of course, but neither of us are... what we were. And we have neither Father, nor Curvo, nor Tylepe here to point out everything we are doing wrong!
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Suddenly, the SS Pathstone and the SS Golden begin to move on their own... slowly, calmly, they drift to two different points, a certain distance apart, away from the other ships of the fleet. Then, just as slowly, they turn to face each other.

And that is all the warning there is before the engines engage -- full speed ahead.

Like a pair of rockets, the ships torpedo toward each other, perfectly lined up for a head-on collision, and there is nothing to stop them. No matter what buttons the crews press, no matter how much they might panic, nothing is going to stop the inevitable. Any other ships watching will not have time to attempt any sort of interception.


As if to shield spectators' eyes from the horrors of ships colliding in space, there's a blinding light upon impact -- and once it gradually fades, the results can be clearly seen by all: There is no wreckage. Nothing is broken. But where there were once two ships... now there's only one.

One ship that is... very clearly made up of parts from the SS Pathstone and the SS Golden, but somehow seems well put together, at least!


On the bridge, the crews of the SS Golden and the SS Pathstone arrive, along with the usual pop! of Atroma confetti and ridiculous jingle music upon a successful shuffle. Sitting in the captain's chair is a round cake, just large enough for everyone to have one slice. There's a single candle, and the following message scribbled on top in yellow icing:

"Congratulations - SS Goldstone!
Happy Fusion!"

... What, did you think you were going to die? Sorry about that.
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Who: Takeshi and any concerned citizens
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: N/A unless you're visiting afterward! (He'll have a mingle thread on the fusion log. You can reply re: network there as well!)
When: TODAY!!!

[There's a static-filled and alarmed transmission before the SS Golden and the SS Pathstone speed off towards each other — the voice is that of Takeshi's sitting at the pilot seat, trying in vain to alter the courses and not let the ships move on their own accord.]

All the ▓▓▓▓▓ controls not working!! Ship▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ can't stop ▓▓▓▓▓▓!!!

Every▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ seatbelts ▓▓▓▓▓▓ gonna crash!

[There's a rolling, anbd the screen is fuzzy and nothing is immediately distinguishable as there's a great big CRASH!!! It seems the crews of the ships have been lost — Or, well, it seemed that way until suddenly the camera, abandoned on the floor, shows... confetti...?]

[Takeshi stands, panting and in a fighting pose, his gun drawn and ready for battle, likely members of the two crews standing around him as well. Slowly... he picks up his feed device and puts away the gun, looking puzzled as he walks around the new bridge, toward the controls.]

Is... everyone okay...?

[He wanders over to the captain's ship, stares down at the cake. Reads what's on it:]

"Congratulations... SS... Goldstone. Happy... Fusion..."



[After a long and thoughtful pause, he blows out the candle.]
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Who: Shinji Ikari and you?!
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: Any ship in the Fleet, beginning with the Heron.
When: Throughout the week.


[Shinji has felt like total crap for weeks and weeks now, after that unexpected attack on the Fleet's ships... but the curtain of despair suddenly lifts one morning, for no apparent reason at all. He's a little bewildered about feeling okay, if not good, if not great, and he spends the first day catching up on the laundry that he's been neglecting.

But then it kind of maybe spirals out of control. He's filled with determination to clean--not just his own clothes or his own room, but every unwashed pile of clothes and every messy room he comes across. He doesn't really notice his own hyperactivity; he just wants to clean and clean and clean until not a speck of dust or engine grease remains. He sweeps through the Heron, to begin with, and then he branches out...]

Hey, [he says, coming into view on the feed. He's a little blurry at first, with softly glowing lights all around him, which soon resolve into... fireflies?] Have you seen these things yet? They're called cleaning bugs! And they're freaking awesome. The Co'kal made them--they can deep-clean anything, no problem, and... [Shinji is practically ranting and raving about these inventions he found in his quest to clean everything.]

If there's something you need me to clean, let me know, okay? I'll take care of it right away. Or my new friends will.

[action, aboard various ships in the Fleet.]

[Needless to say, Shinji can be found pretty much anywhere in the Fleet, on any crew's ship or the Iskaulit, waging war against uncleanliness. Don't mind him if he decides your kitchen needs a good scrub down, or your bunks, or your bathrooms, or even the engine room. He's constantly accompanied by a halo of cleaning bugs that change colors depending on the amount of dirt nearby.

They may even decide to target a person that they've deemed a little too dirty...]

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