Feb. 19th, 2017

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Who: Max (potentially featuring an injured and less-lucid Maggie) and you...!
Broadcast: Fleetwide | Voice
Action: N/A (Unless you're coming to pick up! We'll see based on threads. Or if you find him on the Starstruck after all this.)
When: Sometime now, whatevs. After this very intense encounter.

[Max has elected to put it to voice; easier to talk when one arm is currently giving blood, but not video to alarm anyone of this very scene. Maggie's lost a lot of blood, but Max is hoping to rectify that a little bit until they can get some help. Speaking of help — time to get some of that. His voice is gruff and calm, but there's an underlying urgency to his words.]

Need pick up, got someone down here on the ring who's hurt pretty bad. Her name's Maggie.

Don't know which ship she's from, but she's got a neck injury from a knife, near the back. Lost a lot of blood... Got it closed up and she's not critical. [Yet. He's pretty sure. She's drowsy as hell and she'll be weak for a while, but she should pull through.] Need a ship to pick us up, though. I can't move her like this on my own through the forest and she shouldn't go long without a real medical bay.

[A thoughtful pause.]

... I didn't do it, by the way.

[Look, he knows he's caused some shit before, but he has been so good. Seriously.

He'll do her a favor and try not to mention she did it to herself yet. He's not sure if he will or not... Honesty is more his policy on injuries. But...]

[Action | Starstruck, optionally]

[Eventually, he'll probably end up back on the Starstruck after getting her somewhere safe and clean and medically sound, sighing a big grumbly sigh and crawling off into the shuttle to sleep off his stress for the day. Y'all are monsters, making him care like a real person. Monsters. He'll have to check on her later, in secret, where she will never know. Perfect plan.

Don't mind if he has blood on him, he'll go to the bathroom to wash it off. He's gonna be a bit woozy on his feet for a few days.

Better than having his neck cut into, though.]

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