Feb. 20th, 2017

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Who: Sansa Stark and YOU
Broadcast: Y, fleetwide
Action: Blue Fish
When: Today

Dear friends. [ some lies are kindly told. like this one, wherein she counts only a few souls in the fleet as friends but it's only polite to address the whole lot with warmth and generosity. especially when she's asking for help. and especially when there are lions in the tall grass. ]

I need a recipe for baklava -- I do not think anyone eats it where I come from. But someone dear to me who has long since left the fleet used to bring baklava every week. And we would enjoy it together. I should like to have some again but the cook on this ship needs to know how it's made. Please -- I promise the information will go to good use, although some cooks must covet their kitchen's secrets.

[ sansa approaches her broadcast with steel in her spine: hands folded in her lap; hair brushed until it shines. if there are enemies recently shuffled onto ships, then she must let them know she is comfortable here. she is protected. after surviving the raid, she realizes her days of hiding must be numbered.

as an afterthought, she adds a bit of mercy. a gesture of peace for jeyne: ]
Or if there are other recipes you have and want to share, you may do so. My good-sister is new to her duties and I think it would be a kindness to provide her with fresh dishes.

[ ordinarily, in the evening, she would go to the garden on the iskaulit to 'pray' -- but with the news of recent arrivals, she's too skittish to leave the blue fish. instead, she stays on ship and prays in her quarters. sansa kneels on the floor and props her elbows on her mattress. as much as it's become an act (a performance!) she still feels compelled to go through the motions. it's like meditating. ]
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Who: Leliana
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: Planetside
When: Now

[Leliana decided to make this with a purpose and an idea in mind. When the feed turns on, she can be found wearing some light armor and gloves, holding a bow in her hands.]

It has come to my attention that perhaps my expertise with a bow and other weapons might be useful, should the need to defend ourselves ever arise again. I reside aboard the Blue Fish as one of her security officers and I believe, by extension, it is my duty to not only defend the ship, but to make sure her inhabitants and those of other ships can defend themselves properly.

Should anyone with inexperience with knives or bows wish it, I am willing to lend my services. I extend this particularly to the women aboard the fleet, purely because it has come to my attention there are some who do not find base means of defense accessible to them.

[Lookin' at you, Robb Stark.]

I do have some experience with a sword and shield, but I find myself willing to leave that in Riona Cousland's expert hands and I am sure she would be more than happy to lend tutelage in that realm of expertise should anyone ask her of it directly.

[She clears her throat a bit.]

There is a small matter of where I might find a suitable place to teach, but I will come to that when a decent interest is shown. Thank you, for your time, and I do hope others who feel eager to learn will come forward soon.

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