Feb. 21st, 2017

shockjock: (Bored and disappointed)
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Who: Livewire
Broadcast: Network
Action: Anyone who happens to be on the Heron
When: 2/21

[Yep, the Heron's high-voltage communication's specialist was still glitching out. But as she didn't presently look like a walking Tesla coil, and instead looked like someone on the tail end of an all-nighter. Twelve of them. And siphoning off more power from the ship than usual had done nothing to fix that, so she'd resigned herself to being a lazy lump. A bored lazy lump. Currently propped up against her station and idly zapping the console with one finger as she cycled through what seemed like an endless stream of traffic. At least she was considerate enough- or more likely, lazy enough- to not transmit her search over the entire ship's intercom system, and was keeping her noise-making limited to the bridge.]

Nope. [Bzzt!]

Nuh-uh. [Bzzt!]

Bo-ring. [Bzzt!]

[Eventually, she'd glance up and realize she was being recorded again, but the most she can muster is an annoyed roll of the eyes. Something was definitely off, but it was arguably better than an angry electrical discharge.]

Y'know, for a galaxy jam-packed with all kindsa weird aliens, you'd think it'd be easy to find some decent tunes.

[...this was probably not the best use of the ship's communication's suite, but yep. She was definitely just sitting there scanning all frequencies just to find something to listen to. How any alien life could make it all the way to space travel and not have Space Radio was inconceivable for her, so darn it, she was looking for it.]

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