Feb. 22nd, 2017

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Who: Cersei Lannister
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Bishop
When: February [Glitches will pop up at SOME point I'm sure...If you don't want one, let me know]

A. A Shiny Promotion | Video
[She's in her cabin and, despite the small size of everything in here—truly, who could live like this—Cersei actually looks slightly pleased. For those who know her, a genuine smile is rare for her. Perhaps it's because of what's in her hand; perhaps it's because she doesn't quite know she's being video taped right now.

For all the knowledge she's been given to help her assimilate, she's still fumbling a bit with the technology itself. Besides, the girl who has never even heard of the electric light is now flying through space. Anyone would have a bit of a culture shock.]


[The word is said like a whisper. There's nothing to be lost in translation here whatsoever. She knows it's a title and a position of power to be sure. But what's all the more amazing is that it was bestowed upon her. A woman.]

If only Father could see this.

[The smile that graces her face is not quite cruel but the genuine tinge has left it. It's not that she'll be going crazy (yet) or anything quite so sinister as that. But more the fact that she wishes he were still alive—if only so he could see her rise to such a position of prominence. Thirty years in Westeros and she couldn't accomplish such a feat under his thumb. Maybe the future isn't so bad after all.]

B. Moving Day! | Action on board
[She wasn't so vain as to hope that her recent promotion would come with better living arrangements... well, she's exactly that vain. She looked. And she found the door labeled 'Captain' and she is most certainly moving.

It isn't that she has gathered a lot of possessions here in her short time aboard, but there are still things to move and, well, who does that whole heavy lifting thing?

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