Feb. 26th, 2017

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Who: Jim Kirk, Misty Day, and You!
Broadcast: No
Action: On the ring, at a designated restaurant/pub
When: Today!

[ Text - Fleet Wide ]

Come one, come all - to the greatest cooking show down you've ever seen!

Jim Kirk vs. Misty Day! Who can make the tastier snack? Who can capture your taste buds and move your soul?

Bring your appetites to XXX on XXXX and cast your vote in this battle of North vs. South!!

[ Action - Day of the Contest! ]

[ Their hosts were a generous folk, and given the chance to try new foods crafted from their own local ingredients, well, their curiosity was more that piqued. Tables had been set up, with plenty of cushions to go around, and the small restaurant had given over its kitchen and cooking materials to Kirk and Misty. Everyone was welcome to come and go as they pleased (the food was free and the drinks were set at a discounted price for the event from the restaurant itself), but before leaving were requested to make their selection on who had served the better meal by placing slips of colored paper paper into a box - Red for Kirk and Blue for Misty. At one point there was even a small group of musicians adding atmosphere and enough room to dance near the back of the out door space.

The winner would be announced at the end of the day, with the paper slips counted by one of their new alien friends - to keep things proper and fair, of course. ]

[ ooc: As it says in the header, this is a mingle! So feel free to put up your own starters, etc. There will be a special comments section for casting your vote for whom you want to win this contest - just simply put Misty or Kirk in the header (and maybe a cheeky comment if your character is one to write those). Have fun! ]
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[Filtered Message to the Blameless, Bloodsport, Blue Fish, Heron, Paisley, Red Fish, Starstruck, Twin Roses, Vanquish]

[After a month of waiting and glitches, the ships who turned on the bugging devices may have begun to feel it was a waste of time. But patience truly is a virtue, and a couple days before the fleet leaves the Rew system, a message from that unknown frequency is sent:]

This is the Interceptor Fleet, Drift Fleet 12. We’ve received your message.

Atroma’s surely trying to crack this encryption, so we’ll keep it short. We’re not your enemy. Our enemy is Atroma.

We’ll be in contact again, but it might be awhile. We’re still making repairs from that last fight. Sam can tell you how fast some of our crew work. So for now, keep those devices off. Only turn them on if you got a message to send. We don’t want to give Atroma time to hack into this feed and it should stop the glitches you’ve been getting.

Bloodsport, we got your attachment. We got a few ideas of what it could mean, but we’ll have to get back to you on that.

Paisley, thanks for the emoticons. Some crew were delighted and have been using them non-stop. Some of us, less so.

You’ll hear from us again. I promise.

Keelah se'lai.

[The message ends. There are no further messages, and no replies.]

[ooc: This message is filtered to those who turned on the devices, but crews are strongly encouraged to spread the message to other ships! Also feel free to use this post as a reaction/mingle/whatever you'd like.

Characters can also send messages back! There will be more about this in the OOC comm in a couple days.]
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Who: Erik Lehnsherr and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide (unintentional) video, and (intentional) text
Action: N/A, unless you're determined to find him in the Heron
When: early morning February 27

[The feed opens on a slanted angle, fixed on the shuttles of the Heron's cargo bay and a large metal crate sitting between them. It looks almost like the communicator responsible has been set down on a table and turned itself on - particularly as Erik can be seen walking away from the camera, towards the mystery crate. He doesn't seem to know he's being filmed at all, given his entire attention is on the crate. When he stops next to it he frowns, and turns it around. His expression becomes a bit more fixed with irritation as the message on the side comes into view:


With a scowl, he pulls off the top of the crate -- and jerks backwards as a half-dozen balloons pop out, sailing upwards towards the ceiling. Festive! Oh, but that isn't the half of it. After a muttered curse he peers into the crate itself. He reaches in and pulls out... a toy. A plush horseshoe-style magnet, to be precise.

For a long couple of seconds he just stands there staring at the toy. The video starts to shudder a little, consistently, as the table it sits on begins to vibrate. Erik drops the toy back into the crate and with the same hand, makes a smacking motion through the air. The crate crumples and flies off out of view, landing with a crash somewhere offscreen. Erik turns then and glares straight at the communicator. The rattling of the image increases for a moment before the image cuts out. Show's over.]

[About half an hour after that little display, a text message appears on the network.]

There's a crate of stuffed toys outside the Heron on the ring world. Take them.

[And that's it. Anyone who decides to take a look will indeed find the crate sitting on the dirt near the Heron's landing site... looking decidedly worse for wear, crumpled and smashed like it was dropped from several tall buildings. There are plenty of plush magnets inside for the taking.

Erik himself is nowhere around, though he'll respond to any calls.]
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Who: Asuka Shikinami Langley and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Siourew, if you're brave
When: February 26

[Seriously, she just wanted to wade around in a lake. Carefully, this time, with no danger of a near-drowning experience. She still hasn't learned to swim, but she's not going to go in deep. The water's not even touching the hem of her knee-length dress.]

[Unfortunately, this time the water itself isn't the problem. The video feed is pretty bumpy, but there's a grumpy headshot of Asuka after a second, eyes narrowed into barely-there slits and teeth bared a little too ferociously for the scene at hand.]

[Or maybe not. Because as she holds the device out to arm's length, one thing's going to become patently obvious: every single fish-like creature and every single sandbird seems to be hopping up out of the water to try to get near her. Some of them even seem to be crowding up on each other in the bustle. Every step she takes back is another hop or flight up for them.]

What the hell is going on here?! Do you want me to eat you, or what? You aren't even-- ugh, that-- [she fidgets, then screams inelegantly, as another lake creature, maybe a minnow, swims about her ankles--] You have the whole damn lake! This happens every time I've been in water here!

[ooc: afflicted by pheromones! your choice if this effect goes for your character/non-water creatures or not.]

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