Feb. 27th, 2017

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Who: opal and you!
Broadcast: text
Action: on the goldstone if you so desire
When: midday 2/27

i'm starting up a formal betting pool for which ships are going to inexplicably crash into each other and become one within the void of space next

and also when

and also why but let's be real nobody is going to be able to figure that out

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Feb. 27th, 2017 11:55 am
vagabond_code: (↪but we've been there a hundred times)
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Who: Clint Barton
Broadcast: Video from Clint's room aboard the First Breath.
When: Now.

[People of the First Breath, I hope you like Blur's Song 2, because in the last 48 hours Clint finally decided to pick at the the media files on the Atroma network. He's been listening to this song through the speakers on his communication device at what he believes is a respectable volume, and while it hasn't been playing on repeat, it has been playing multiple times an hour for the last little while.

So when he begins this broadcast it's to the sound of a disembodied voice singing Yeah Yeah. Ohhh yeah, and the dying final chord of that same song announces Clint's message like some sort of unorthadox fanfare.]

Where have I heard that song before? Blur, Song 2. It in a commercial or something?

Can't get it out of my head.

But I can get it in there. Which is - great. Got my hearing back a while ago. Pair of working hearing-aids courtesy of Cisco Ramon and Winn --... somebody. Winn and Cisco. Well, and Kate. Thanks, Kate and Winn and Cisco. I'm not trying to make some sort of announcement though - that's not what this is about. I'm just asking, you know that list of books and movies and things on the network? Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried going through it all in order but there are some wacko things in there. That list of Abominations? I dunno.

[He shakes his head and glances off-camera toward where his door would be, but the distraction is momentary.]

Maybe some day, but for now I was wondering if anyone else has read or watched or heard any of the stuff on there, and if you've got any suggestions.

Oh, and Atroma. If you're listening: just one episode of I Love Lucy? That's cold, even for you.

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