Mar. 2nd, 2017

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Who: Everyone
Broadcast: Open
Action: Tourist, or find her later on the Twin Roses or Iskaulit
When: March 2

[Kitty's morning on the Tourist did not go as planned. It's another hour or so before she makes this announcement. She doesn't even know what happened to the minutes in between. But she's all business when she looks into the communicator. No hiding behind text.]

Winn Schott is in a coma. [Blunt. Direct. Maybe she should have called a few people individually first like Kara, but she wasn't going to make it through this if she did that.] He always has projects going, so they're going to be late. If something is important let me know and I'll see if it's something I can work on in his place.

I already fed his slug today, but someone on the Tourist should take care of that until lazy wakes up. [The mild insult to cover feelings is so classic Kitty, circa home it may not even fit with what people of the fleet know of her. That Kitty had walls around her walls, but those are gone now.]

He's always checking on ship systems on the Twin Roses since we managed to merge and still not get an engineer out of the deal, so if anyone else can help us out with that in the meantime let me know. I'll also be working on the new dance studio later today if anyone wants to help. [Because this mission is almost complete and she needs another one so she can hold it together. Can't fall apart if she's sanding down floors.]
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Who: Tina Belcher and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Paisley
When: March 2nd

[Tina is humming a small tune to herself when she turns on the broadcast; there's a crate on the floor of the Paisley's cargo bay labeled "TINA BELCHER" on the floor, which she displays before turning the camera on herself.]

Uhm, I found this on my ship this morning and I assume it's one of those sponsor gifts so I thought I'd do a little unboxing video since it's my first one. I wonder what's inside? Let's find out.

[She resumes humming as she opens up the crate. There's a stack of cans inside, which from the top look rather like cans of Spam.]

... did they really send me a bunch of Spam? I'm not sure I'm going to eat any of it, but okay... [Frowning, she picks up one of the cans, then lets out a horrified gasp, for the label reads-]

CANNED UNICORN MEAT?? Who would... why would...

[The groan that issues from her mouth before she cuts off the broadcast can probably be heard throughout the ship. Sorry, Paisley.

If she or any of the crew ends up actually opening the cans, some of them will have plush unicorns inside, like the linked product, while others will have Floot Brand Potted Meat Food. It's labeled as being halal, but does it contain actual unicorn? The world may never know~]
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Who: Agent Carter + YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: Aboard the Starstruck or the Iskaulit.
When: Today!

[ not too long ago, peggy pitched the fleet a diversionary puzzle. with all this talk of encryption and subterfuge, she's reminded how the puzzles were meant to be part of a series (of sorts) and so she gets out her notepad and pencils. after a few scrapped ideas (too long or too advanced or too dull), she settles on a code that's only a half-step up from her last one. ]

Last time we talked ciphers, we did a simple substitution. [ peggy addresses the network directly, and with little else in the way of a greeting. ] This time 'round, I've got something only a teensy bit tougher. Frankly, it can be just as handily brute forced as the other one -- but I'm more interested to know if anyone can figure out the math behind this one. Brute force only brings you so far in this hobby and I'm already working on something for next month that will require a lighter touch.

Extra credit, as ever, to those who can identify the source. Or express the cipher in modular arithmetic. And apologies for those in the Fleet who cannot speak English. Despite our augments, code seems to defy translation.

[ she'll field questions and answers for a little while from aboard the starstruck, but then it's off to the iskaulit where she passes an hour in the library -- in search of new source material, perhaps. for those players whose characters should be able to decode it but who don't want to try decoding it themselves, here is the quotation. ]
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Who: People aboard the Starstruck, visitors and crew alike.
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS Starstruck
When: The month of March!!

[Just your typical monthly mingle.]

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