Mar. 8th, 2017

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Who: Takeshi, baby Hoi Hoi (aka a panda version of baby Groot) and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Goldstone
When: Now

[When the feed opens up, Takeshi is in hysterics. Tears streaming and face all twisted up and splotchy and deep sobs heaving in his chest.

At first, extremely concerning — but then, you see what he's bear hugging (no pun intended) against his bosom. It's a panda, soft and babyish, still big enough that he's a handful for a boy who looks six or seven, but also very small for a panda bear. He's in a little black suit, round eyes peering around with some confusion at Takeshi's... very emotional outburst.]

IT'S MY HOI HOI!! HE'S BEEN G-G-G-GIVEN B-BACK TO ME — I did the trial and he was there, he was alive, and it's him; he's here, even after I lost him, he's back...!


[He rubs his cheek against Hoi Hoi's fuzzy cheek, leaving a wet spot there, and he heaves a sob.]

I l-love you so much, Hoi Hoi. I'll protect you now, I'll always keep you s—safe...!!

[Hoi Hoi yawns, unaware of just how important this reunion is. Takeshi and his panda friend can be found in the captain's room; he's got him on his bed and is feeding him some of that synthetic milk from a bottle kindly given by a local. Near Hoi Hoi's foot is a half-destroyed fish plushy. Or maybe you find him in the kitchen, Hoi Hoi sitting on the table while Takeshi writes a thank you note to place in that temple later.

His best friend is alive, and everything is so good.

If you're passing back and forth you may find your leg suddenly clung to by said panda baby.

... And if you're interested in why this is a big deal for the lad, just
read this completely awful and terrible thread featuring pet death from his last game.

God help you, though.]

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Who: Kara & the Fleet!
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: On the Tourist
When: Mar 8th (or space equivalent)

[ Kara waves into the camera, well recovered from her ultra embarrassing boyfriend's announcement ]

Hi everyone! On my Earth, we have a day called "International Women's Day", which has been celebrated for over one hundred years. The whole idea is that we take some extra time to recognize the awesome women that we know, and pay attention to our contributions to society. The reason it's necessary where I'm from is that gender equality isn't a reality yet. Kind of crazy, right? But for reasons I have never actually understood, not being from Earth, is why the Patriarchy is still a thing.

Anyway, I was thinking that we could make it Intergalactic Women's Day. You can reply here to talk about the awesome women in your life, or, you know, just thank them for being cool. Maybe make them a cake? Just because?

Definitely make them cakes.
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Who: Isabela Summer and YOU
Broadcast: None
Action: Water planet shenanigans! Starters below
When: As long as the fleet is above Mafik.

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Who: Vash, Sam, & Nami
Broadcast: None
Action: Water Temple
When: Right now

[Vash floats near the water temple. Having heard of there being a treasure possibly from home inside. It was an interesting prospect.

Having not even thought to ask if anyone wanted to join him on this dangerous adventure he hesitates a bit as he wonders how risky this might be.

Then he starts forward. He's Vash the Stampede! How dangerous can one temple be? He'll probably survive just fine!


Of course, having two guardian angels who looks suspiciously like a pirate navigator and a American hunter would probably greatly up his chances at survival.]

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