Mar. 10th, 2017

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Who: Kate Beckett
Broadcast: Fleet wide
Action: Marsiva hospitality deck
When: Friday afternoon

I have seen some pretty spectacular gags in my time, but this takes the cake. Way better than the Nebula 9 Fan Experience, I’ll give it that. But I am having a really hard time believing this is real. Because it can't be real. No cell phone so that’s not an option, which reinforces my point, why take my cell if it won't work? But I don’t recognize this place, or the stars out the window. So nice job, very funny.

Ryan? Esposito?


Joke's over, I have work to do.
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Who: Crew and Visitors of the SS Blue Fish
Broadcast: n/a unless people make their own threads I guess
Action: what it says on the tin
When: throughout the month of March

[Swimsuit not required]
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Who: Lunafreya and YOU!
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: Video AND action, if you're on the SS Blameless!
When: Upon her arrival!

[ Video ]

[ The face of a slightly confused young woman is what her fellow passengers are going to see, suddenly, as Lunafreya tries to figure out just what the heck she's doing with the communicator she's been given. The image shakes for a moment before she manages to get it steady, and she clears her throat. ]

Hello. My name is Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, and I must ask a favor of you all. I've only just arrived and I've been told the most basic of details. If it would not be of too much trouble, I would like to hear more. I simply know that we are on some sort of television show. Your assistance is much obliged.

[ There's a pause as a single piece of confetti falls from the top of her blond head. ] And thank you to whomever bestowed me with such a warm welcome. [ ...And pudding. ]

[ Action for the SS Blameless ]

[ After the broadcast ends, Luna heaves a sigh and straightens up once more. It's time to go exploring her new 'home' and perhaps get a few more answers as well. The rest of the confetti is brushed from her shoulders and now miraculously clean and altered floor length white gown, injuries sustained at home gone...

It's strange. Almost as strange as being in space.

The Oracle can be found wandering the ship, slowly as it were, taking in every single thing she can. ]
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Who: Ezri Dax
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action:N/A unless you're on he Marsiva
When: Now

[It's starts with a young woman rolling off the bed, short hair messy and a starfleet uniform, if you'll recognize the style uniform she wears, a bit wrinkled. And, if anyone has met one, her Trill spots are very noticeable right now. She's fairly groggy yet as she wakes up and pulls herself to her feet.]

Hello? [Where... is she?] Julian? Ben? ... Kira? [Anyone?

Give her a few moments, she eventually realizes she's broadcasting.]

Hello, I'm Curz- Emon- uh... [Ughh, she rubs at her eyes and ruffles at her hair, trying to fully wake herself up.] I'm Dax. Ezri Dax, Lieutenant Junior Grade, I'm the counselor on Deep Space Nine in orbit of Bajor.
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Who: Pavel Chekov
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: For the crew of the SS Wonderduck (and video for everyone else)
When: Now

[Chekov wishes he could be surprised or, at the very least, unsettled when he wakes up in a foreign place, but there's a point at which this sort of thing becomes a fairly routine--if always unpleasant--occurrence. Losing people is never easy, no matter the universe, no matter the number of times it happens.  

But taking stock of the situation and establishing who is here has to come before mourning those who were left behind in MarinaNova. To that end, Chekov, somewhat familiarized with his new home and in clothes that are slightly more dignified than the pajamas that he initially woke up in on the Marsiva, begins a broadcast. Are you listening to this in Standard/English/Common? If so, enjoy the ridiculously thick Russian accent.]

This is Lieutenant Pavel Andreievich Chekov of the Federation starship Enterprise. If you have met me already or if you are affiliated with Starfleet, please respond to this message. [He smiles even though he's in no real mood to be cheerful.] I would also be happy with replies from you if we're strangers.

Thank you for your time.

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