Mar. 14th, 2017

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Who: Sayid Jarrah
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Bishop
When: Post-Shuffle

[He'd only had a short time aboard the Marsiva before he found himself transported yet again, this time onto the bridge of a much smaller, less immaculate ship. Not long enough to figure out what was going on, not even long enough to browse the network.

Sayid's new shipmates will therefore find their newest member seated at the comm station, pretty much ignoring his celebratory pudding. (Someone else can eat it, if they want.) Perhaps somewhat notably, he's dressed in clothing that could reasonably be described as archaic - leather armor over simple clothing - and yet he doesn't seem awed or confused by the technology. Even with the augment, he seems pretty damn sure about what he's doing.]

network - video
[So yeah, there's this guy in fancy leather armor on screen. His arms are crossed over his chest, the look on his face is faintly annoyed, but he's calm and collected.]

I'm starting to worry that these kidnapping situations are going to become routine for me.

[Okay, but no that frustration isn't helpful, and he needs answers more than he needs to gripe.]

I'd like to know if there's anything expected of us here - other than to be amusing - or if we're otherwise allowed to live our lives unbothered. Our lives such as they are, anyway.

[Because, you know, the last time he was unexpectedly yanked from one place to another, there were games and dying and a lot of trauma. It'd be nice if that weren't repeated.]
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Who: Jim Kirk & You
Broadcast: No
Action: In a water temple (any of them)
When: Now/Throughout the month

Since there seem to be a lot of us exploring these temples and every single one of them comes with at least some level of trap/puzzle, I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the ones I've come across. While no puzzle is exactly the same as any other puzzle in any temple I've come across, some of the basic ideas behind them are similar - which is half the battle with these things, it seems.

At any rate, I hope this proves helpful to everyone and will help keep everyone out of tight situations. If you have any questions contact me, and if you want to make additions from your own experiences and upload please do so.

- Captain Kirk


[ The file itself is a rather detailed text log of every trap he can accurately remember coming across in the numerous temples he has been in. What, he's been busy, okay? It includes everything from the giant eel guarding a key he came across with Isabella, to sliding walls, sliding statues, puzzle pieces, making objects light up in certain orders. It's a hefty file, to be sure. Happy reading! ]

Action - Water Temple #394
[ Kirk has gone to explore another temple he's come across, and much to his chagrin the second puzzle has begun to stymie him. He floated in the center of the room, arms crossed as he glared at the door in front of him, which had several glowing shapes, of which only four of five were lit. He was missing something, some critical switch or piece and he just couldn't figure out where he was erring.

But he was making the critical mistake when it came to puzzles in a water temple. There was always something out to get out, in one way or another. In this case, it was a bit of the ceiling, coming loose after years of neglect. Accident, this time, rather malicious intent. But it's coming down anyways, and Kirk doesn't see it. ]

[ ooc: Feel free to rescue him, or to start in another chamber of the temple. The above was just an option for starting ]

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