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Who: Princess Looma Red Wind
Broadcast: OPEN
Action: After broadcast (if it's wanted), in the markets around Dasil'di. She's gotta make sure she has everything she needs, after all!
When: Backdated to 3/13

[The Fleet's resident war princess, now bored of temple shenanigans and itching for more action, has decided the Bishop needs a little redecorating. So what better way to do that and alleviate some boredom than organizing a hunting party? That's why she'll appear over the network in a new, non-chewed-by-giant-water-beasties wetsuit and sporting a lot more Pointy Things than she started with. Four arms means you need way more harpoons and knives than the average human, after all!]

Attention fellow off-worlders! Many of you do not know me- I am Princess Looma Red Wind. For those of you not assisting the locals or cowering in your ships, I have a proposition.

This planet has no shortage of dangerous predators. I intend to kill some of them, and offer you the chance to accompany me. What you kill, you keep, though a portion must be given to the Dasioe as a tribute in good faith.

[She's mostly in it for the challenge, but she can't say no to being able to get a new trophy and food that doesn't come in gel form. She'll also be satisfying that new, nagging compulsion to help people who need it by giving a decent chunk of whatever she nabs to the locals for their own bellies. No one tell her they don't eat meat, that's weird.]

If you wish to accompany me, say so. You will have one day's time to prepare!

[The hulking alien princess almost ends the broadcast there, but seems to remember something just after shutting off the communicator, and quickly flickers back onto the screen.]

Oh! And if you happen to kill any creature with gills, keep it to yourself. The locals won't appreciate it. Good battle to you!

[Okay now she's done, and happily ends the broadcast with that unusual farewell.]

07 - video

Mar. 18th, 2017 06:31 pm
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Who: Winn Schott + you = awesome
Broadcast: yup!
Action: Tourist!
When: now!

[ the feed opens with a profile view of a sleeping winn. on his face, you can see an elaborate sharpie painted mustache (courtesy of opal) and from the ceiling right above him hangs a plastic flamingo in a coat and plastic sunglasses (courtesy of cisco).

to anyone who's been by to see him lately, it's a very familiar scene. but seconds into it something that hasn't happened in about two weeks begins to take place - movement. with a soft groan, winn reaches a sluggish hand to his face, shielding his eyes from the light. the hand then seems to decide that scratching above his upper lip is better use of its time and skills. slowly, his eyes blink open, struggling to adjust, to focus.

and then they do. on that flamingo.

he yelps, jumping up in bed, tearing the flamingo off its strings and throws it across the room, where he proceeds to stare at an off frame army of (four) flamingos. rubbing at his temples he mutters just loudly enough to be captured on film ]
So Cisco's still here...

[ that seems to remind him of something, and with a sharp move his still sleepy mind can't seem to properly cope with, grabs at the communicator and misses. next attempt brings it into his hand and you finally get a close up of that glorious mustache.

he frowns into the camera ]

Of course it's rolling... [ his voice is raw, lips chapped, and he clears his throat in an attempt to bring back his usual volume ] Hi - Fleeters - if we're still calling ourselves that - Winn Schott here, back to the world of the conscious - if you recognize me check in and tell me how long I've been out - Kitty - you better still be here. [ because unless you call him within the next 10 seconds he's calling you as soon as he cuts this feed and if you're not there he will freak. he rubs at his painted mustache again, not quite realizing what's bothering him, and with a small tired smile fumbles to shut the broadcast off. ]
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Who: Freyja and YOU
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: If you happen to be on the Paisley, then sure.
When: Now

[When the broadcast starts, Freyja's there, just looking like her usual, possibly excessively bubbly self.]

Hiya! Okay, so, I have an important question. What's your favorite star system? I know we visit them a lot, but I wanna know what you've liked most, especially if you've been to a bunch of them.
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Who: Crew and Guests of the Paisley
Broadcast: no
Action: SS Paisley
When: throughout the rest of March

[Time for a mingle, Paisleys!]
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Who: Fie & responders
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: no
When: night of 3-18

[Fie's been here for a while day now, watching, listening, reading the broadcasts, and simply being an observer. Now, it's her time to make her grand entrance!]


[Yep, it's a simple text emoticon. That's all.]
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Who: Shiro and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Blameless
When: March 17th and 18th

[Network | Video from the HS Marsiva - Friday 17th]

[Waking up in a strange place is, sadly, something Shiro has done before. A couple of times actually. He must admit, though, he appreciates the lack of a headache this time. The worry is strong when he realizes he lost communication with his team, and there's nobody around to answer his questions. At least that means not bad guys either?

His body feels great (how, after that battle?) so he doesn't waste time investigating. Moments later he's at the cafeteria, eating something that is not goo (thank goodness) and going through the files on his new communicator. The idea of a reality show and that augment implanted in his head isn't well received at all, but there's something more urgent he should check on first. There are no signs of it on the network, but you can never be too safe.

The feed starts as he's taking off his helmet, his sci-fi-ish suit of armor and the calmness he speaks with not making him look a newbie at all. Someone familiar with military training, though, may find a bit of that on him.]

Hello. I'm Shiro, a new arrival to this... fleet. [He's about to say "this show" but ugh, he doesn't want to think about that.] Space isn't news to me, but alternative universes are. So I still feel I must ask: has any of you encountered or heard of an alien race called Galra? They aren't good news, and I wouldn't want them to have followed me here. Thanks for any information you can provide.

[Action | It's shuffle time on the SS Blameless! - Saturday 18th]

[The confetti is met with an unamused face, and Shiro is still brushing it off his armor as he makes his way through the ship, helmet under an arm and eyes attentive. The pudding is tempting (he isn't a huge chocolate lover but gosh, he hasn't tasted it in forever) but it can wait for now. First, he needs to meet his crew. Shiro is still a firm believer of teamwork, so it'll be better for everyone, he thinks, if he gets to know these new people as soon as possible.

He doesn't rush it though. Familiarizing himself with the ship is also important, so he walks through the hallways at a calm pace, taking in all the details and wondering what kind of piloting it'll require. Whenever he sees someone, he speaks up, tone and body language as friendly as it can be.]

Excuse me. Hi. I believe I'm the new pilot of the ship. [He offers his right hand and, if the person decides to take it, they'll notice it feels harder than a human hand. As if it was made of metal.] You can call me Shiro.

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