Mar. 21st, 2017

001: Video

Mar. 21st, 2017 12:26 am
servantnotserving: (Welp fucked that one up)
[personal profile] servantnotserving
Who: Lumiére and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Marsiva
When: Right noe

[There are some things a person comes to expect in their life. Of course, magical curses that turn you and your colleagues into inanimate objects tends to move those goalposts a little, but you still expect certain things to remain the way they are.

For instance, if you live in an 18th century castle in the middle of France, you honestly don't expect to be suddenly not in that castle. And you absolutely do not expect to be suddenly in space. You sure don't expect to somehow understand, at least vaguely what space is. These are things Lumiére did not expect to happen to him today, and yet here they are, happening.

But then again, the Flooters probably don't expect to see a sentient candelabra shuffling in front of their screens as he presses his little candle hands to the window, staring out in the blank nothingness. Lumiére has no idea how he got here, he has no idea WHY he's here, but there's one thing he knows for absolute certainty-

Cogsworth is going to KILL him.

Zut alors! What is this place?

[He really, genuinely doesn't have time for this. Usually he's a big fan of all kinds of tomfoolery, but he's kind of on a really tight schedule right now and it's really, really not one he can shirk. He needs to get out of...whatever this is and get back. Like. Now. He turns, looking around him in the vast room, hoping for a sign of life.]

Hello? Anyone home?
runawayprince: (2)
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Who: Noctis and YOU
Broadcast: yes
Action: aboard the Marsiva
When: Now

[The video opens up to show Noctis, looking slightly tousled and very cranky. Sure he can sleep anywhere but that wasn't a reason to have him wake up somewhere he doesn't know!!]

Look - whoever's bright idea this was - it's not funny. If someone wants to point me in the direction of who brought me here I'd appreciate it.

[He does seem awfully in a rush to get back. He's not happy about being here, clearly.]

Otherwise, some other answers would be good right about now.

[Fellow newbies can find him aboard the Marsiva, trying to find a way out of here. He doesn't get very far, but he's still stopping to examine various parts of the newbie accessible side areas of the ship. ]
apurrstate: (With Varric)
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Who: The Twin Rose crew and any visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: On the Twin Roses
When: Whenever

[The first fused mingle! Now it's a bigger party.]
sylphystia: (♢ narrow streets of cobblestone)
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Who: Everyone's welcome!
Broadcast: No
Action: Málum, Crowley's bar on the Iskaulit
When: The latter half of March, until they leave the system.

[Though there are 'dry bars' down on the water planet, Crowley's bar is still open. Even the apocalypse couldn't close this thing. Whether you're angsting over something you got from home or you just DON'T TRUST THE OCEAN, there is a leather seat at Málum waiting for you.]

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