Mar. 22nd, 2017

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Who: Jaime Lannister & You
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: n/a
When: Mid-March

[ The video feed shows Jaime looking somewhat awkward but very serious. He's still getting the hang of this whole "video" thing, and he feels a little stupid talking to an inanimate object, but he is determined to make this work.

He just stares at the thing, for a long moment, not quite sure where to begin. Should he say hello? Introduce himself? Finally, he decides to just dive in and get to the point. ]

I'm looking for my sister. I've... heard she's here. [He frowns slightly, recalling Tyrion's decidedly terse message. ]

Her name is Cersei. Cersei Lannister. She... Well, she looks a lot like me. Except she's a woman. Obviously.

[ Great, now he sounds like an idiot. ]

Cersei, if you see this, I'm onboard the Bloodsport. I... [ There's so much to say... ] I've missed you.

[ With a quiet sigh, he reaches forward to cut off the feed. Fails. Curses quietly as he picks up the device and fumbles with it until he finally succeeds.

Ah, technology. ]
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Who: Ardyn and YOU
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Aboard the Marsiva
When: Now

-is this on? Ah, what curious technology I must say-

[The video snaps on to show a rather scruffy looking man wearing a black fedora and is dressed in rather fancy clothes. His wine-coloured hair slightly over his eyes, as he attempts to communicate through the device.]

-hello? Hello. My name is Izunia, Ardyn Izunia. For those who do not know me I am Chancellor of Niflheim. I believe there has been some kind of mistake.

[He looks around at his current disposition and marvelled at the architecture before proceeding in his deep but pronounced voice.]

Would a helpful someone please indulge me as to what exactly is going on here? I'm a rather busy man and this....practical joke has gone on long enough. I don't belong here, wherever this is, although, it is a fascinating place. I just require some answers. It's not too much to ask, is it?

[He adjusts his fedora and offers anyone who's watching a charming smile.]
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Who: Edwin Jarvis (as a small fella) and you!
Broadcast: Voice
Action: SS Tourist, SS Starstruck, Iskaulit
When: From about March 22nd, a week onward.

... Sorry Tourist, make your own food for the week.


[Jarvis' day is the same as it always is. He gets up, makes breakfast, does a bit of laundry and tidies the ship wherever he sees fit — then work at the bar, the gym visits, making a half-sea-food dinner, and so on. It's a normal week, yes? Or perhaps not. The next day, there is no breakfast. Then no tidying or laundry. Then no dinner. It seems, without having left the roster, Jarvis has all but vanished from the SS Tourist.

Or perhaps he hasn't quite vanished. For you see, hidden up under his bed as he's been for hours now is a small boy of about eight or nine, wearing a rather too large robe, his hands in anxious fists tucked up by his face. He hasn't come out yet, because his nerves are rather... fried. Yours would be too, if you were a small kid and you woke up suddenly in a steel trap of sorts! He is mortified and at a complete loss, and all he can assume is that he's been abducted. Perhaps a ransom! Oh, his mind dances through a million paranoid thoughts. His mum and dad must have bothered someone terribly. They must've closed a door in someone's face and they want revenge. This is a lair from a villainous hideout, it must be so.

His stomach gurgles but he holds steadfast, as he fidgets with the device in front of him. It had been on the desk beside his bed, and he was interested in what it could do — and some part of him knows, in theory, how it works. And that is very frightening, because he's never seen something like this before in his entire life!!

He slams down the device, frustrated tears blooming in his eyes.]


[A hushed voice:]

Oh, don't cry — don't cry now, it won't do any good...

[He sniffs hard, and seems to be steeling himself. For a moment.

Even so — ]

... I want to go home...

[Eventually, sooner or later, somehow, someway, he will be out from under that cursed bed of doom and gloom and sit a day late at the table in the kitchen. But he doesn't cook, or clean, or anything of the sort. He sits with his hands off the table (impolite to put them there), sitting straight in his chair, unsure if he should... be waiting for someone to come in and make food, or if he... needs to make his own...

He's not very good at making things, yet.

Eventually he does grab a plate of... a block of some kind of gel. He wrinkles his nose but eventually gives in, and though he thinks the taste is just terrible, he is determined to eat every bite; wasting food is unsightly. He's a good boy. He would never. So to enjoy it forcefully, he hums a little tune as he eats, swinging his feet just a little. Nobody is around to see his poor etiquette, so... it's okay to be a little less rigid at the table, right?]


[AT SOME POINT... Peggy will sniff him out. Which is probably way sooner than later, but anyway. Edwin is terribly curious now, despite his anxiety surrounding this... impossible place. He had investigated the Starstruck's cargo bay with some interest. Some strange and frightening man with a habit of grunting answers gave him some delicious dessert, and he wandered freely with the promise of being the most well-behaved kid in all of space.

... Well, he did fiddle with the teleporter a bit...

And ended up aboard the Iskaulit rather abruptly.

Which sparked great panic in the hall of the ship.]

How do I go back?! Oh, I've mucked it up! Stupid, Edwin — they'll be so cross with me!

[If I hit buttons enough, will that fix the problem? No?

Okay, time to roam the ship nervously then.]


[Have something that isn't in any of these categories? Wanna make a particular thread?

Hit me up and let me know, we can do something. :)]

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Who: Kate Bishop and YOU.
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: Aboard the Blameless, as well as in Málum aboard the Iskaulit.
When: Today.

So I know I'm not the only one here who can boast both some experience and frustration with alternate worlds, dimensions, timelines, so on and futzing so forth. [ kate hits the network like she hits the ground: running. no hello, no hi, no how-do-you-do. ]

But, uh, I figured it might be good to gather some intel from people outside my little social circle. Personally, I've counted no fewer than six different versions of home. Including mine, but not including any other generally Earth-based worlds. I'm talking we had mutual acquaintances in common, but details were...different. Shout out to anyone who can identify me a seventh. It's like Pokemon at this point: gotta learn'em all.

What about the rest of you? Are other worlds a thing where you're from? A fact of life? Or are they pretty much the stuff of sci-fi -- culty, but soon to be a blockbuster reboot on a big screen near you?

Hawkeye, out.

[ -- and with that, she kicks back and waits to discuss the existential can-o-worms she just opened. part of it is almost masochistic, because she knows how little she doesn't want to learn about yet another world where the avengers exist, but she doesn't.

to take her mind off things, kate heads for her shift at málum over on the iskaulit. but something', tonight. usually a paragon of coordination and balance, she's been breaking a lot of glasses tonight. futz, that's gonna come out of her pay. it puts her in a foul mood, so patrons can expect a bit of petulant surliness with their drinks. ]
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Who: Fingon
Broadcast: Fleetwide by accident!
Action: Planet, around the water temples or further away.
When: Evening.

{Fingon's been quiet for several weeks, needing more time to himself than usual. This evening has him floating peacefully just under the surface, long hair drifting with his long robes, he's clearly unbothered by his seeming-drowned state - though perhaps that's more because he's long figured out that it's normal for this planet!

He just wishes the water didn't occasionally turn a little cold around him, just cold enough to form a few ice crystals on the tips of his pointed ears!}

I wouldn't mind staying here for a while. It's peaceful.

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