Mar. 24th, 2017

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Who: opal and you!
Broadcast: text
Action: on the goldstone if you're so inclined
When: post-shuffle

[The message gets sent out fairly late at night, once she's absolutely sure. She's known about Kaito for a few weeks, but she wasn't inclined to notify everyone when it was just him departing. Now, though... In some ways, it cuts deeper when she realizes who else has left.]

if anyone was friends or whatever with aoko nakamori or kaito kuroba, they both left the fleet at some point. guess it makes sense they'd both take off within a few weeks of each other, they were kind of a package deal.

anyways, that's all i really had to say. sorry for the bad news.
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Who: That one annoying Comms officer and YOU
Broadcast: Video
Action: Heron crew / visitors
When: 3/24

[The Heron's resident lightning bug has spent most of the month cooped up in the ship, and quite frankly, is starting to get a little fed up with this whole mess. She's found one or two ways to amuse herself, sure- the latest was leaving a box full of ridiculously pink and flowery hair clips, combs, and other accessories outside the hatch leading to Winter's bunk as a belated birthday gift. With a few glittery party poppers rigged to the lid (naturally). But as she hadn't heard 'em go off or dealt with a barrage of profanity yet, that's more of an "entertainment in progress" situation.

So instead it's time to hassle the rest of the fleet. This time around she's not even bothering with a chair, instead opting to float herself around the room. It keeps her moving, and discharges power just in case the hull springs a leak.]

Alright babies, show of hands- who else is ready to ditch this oversized fish bowl?

[Naturally, she's raising hers for the benefit of everyone not from a planet where that's a thing. So considerate!]

Now I know some of you are busy playin' Planeteer for these overgrown guppies. But I know how this reality show stuff works, 'kay babies? You film a bunch of strangers, and just so nothin' gets too boring, you make sure somethin' goes wrong just to watch 'em deal with it.

[She'll fly her way back over to the camera now, and just hover there like she's lying down on a bed making a video journal.]

Between you 'n me? I've got good odds on there bein' some big tragedy all set up for our next pit stop, too. So for those of you worried you won't get your chance to play hero, don't worry! There's always the next episode!

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