Mar. 25th, 2017

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Who: Kaworu Nagisa ... + you!
Broadcast: fleetwide, text
Action: not currently, could change
When: early evening, today.

I haven't taken the time to endure the exploits many of you have been. It doesn't suit me, I think. I'm being productive in other ways, although I'm not sure I can share the fruits of my labor. But bearing something is fulfillment, right? If you have given life to your work, it feels good, even if that life is mild and quiet. Sometimes, perhaps, even moreso then. Well, not everybody wants to be in history books.

Hey, what's some soap you really like? I've gotten myself blotted with ink, which is why I'm pausing to sit back and talk. I didn't want to mark my papers. Then again, it's dry by now, so maybe I can just leave it.

One more question. Does anyone want to make a small trade?
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Who: Velvet Crowe and You!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: aboard the SS Red Fish
When: right after the Shuffle

[Velvet had woken up in one strange tin can and had only just started to get her bearings when she was suddenly transported to another strange tin can. This isn't how she was expecting today to go.

She stumbles a little but manages to catch herself, oblivious to the fanfare that signals her arrival.]


[She takes a moment to steady herself, shaking her head to clear it. She blinks, focusing on her surroundings, trying to make sense of things.]

...Is that pudding?

[Where does pudding fit into all this? And that's not even mentioning the confetti. Actually she hasn't even noticed that yet, or the fact that a lot of it has fluttered into her hair. She looks pretty festive for someone so cranky.]

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