Mar. 26th, 2017

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Who: Belthazar and you!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: The Iskaulit.
When: At a very reasonable time of morning


[The piano's actually been built for a few weeks-- since before Winn fell asleep, actually-- but his coma left Belth needing to finish putting things together as well as the final touches. The rest has been simply... tuning. He's glad he has an ear for music, but finding a decent tuning fork was surprisingly difficult. And then, of course, he had to paint and polish the damn thing. That took another couple of weeks...

But it's done now, and he's managed to teach himself a very basic melody for the purpose of this broadcast. He turns the communicator so it can sweep over the piano in its entirety. There are a few things that set it as alien, such as the shape and the expanded number of keys, but it's recognizable enough.]

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you... the Fleet's first piano! The book called it a harpsinterian, though it's obviously related. It even has the pedals I remember from the-- I'm rambling. [Ahem.] This was made possible because of Winn's ingenuity so you may direct your thanks to him. I merely provided the materials.

[He plays his few arpeggios without any mistakes. He's been up all night getting this perfect, and he lets out an audible sigh when he's done.]

A friend told me that she longed to hear her loved one play the piano again, and that was the main reason I started this project. But music doesn't belong to just one person. That's why it's on the Iskaulit for anyone to enjoy. I hope to spend some time getting to know it from the player's chair rather than bending over it... and I wish to hear the Fleet filled with music again.

Also, if it's not much of a bother-- Nightingale? I would love to see you and Opal both, so that I may hear this playing you gushed so much about.
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Who: Eizen & You!
Broadcast: Fleetwide video.
Action: Aboard the Marsiva.
When: Right now boi.

[ There is very little worse than waking in an unfamiliar place, disorientated, confused, and incredibly disgruntled. Still that he can't remember ever going to sleep, he doesn't need sleep so why did he... Eizen shifts groggily attempting to get out of the bed he found himself in - only to come crashing down on the cold hard floor.

With his elbow landing on the device the feed flicks on just in time to see and hear the blond hair man curse loudly, sharp jarring pain shooting up his arm. Growling he pushes himself up to sit leaning against the side of the bed, hand reaching up to holding his still swimming head. ]

Where the hell...? Zaveid?

[ He can remember that the idiot had been with him, that they spent the evening drinking and talking as the world continued on around them unaware. ]

If this is some kind of joke I'm not laughing.

( ooc: !!!PLEASE NOTE!!! Eizen will not show up over the network, however you'll still be able to hear his voice!! Please enjoy the riveiting imagery of the Marsiva's walls and maybe part of a bed. Also please make sure to head over here and fill out this for me as well! Thanks friends! )

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