Mar. 29th, 2017

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Who: Billy Cranston
Broadcast: Network, video
Action: Aboard the Marsiva
When: Mid-day, about now

[Upon waking, Billy immediately reached for the bedside table as a matter of habit. There he encountered his glasses, his wrist communicator, and an unfamiliar computer-like device. Once the glasses were in place, it became apparent that his surroundings were unfamiliar. Worse, the most important of his personal effects, the silver buckle that granted him protection, was conspicuously absent. And wort of all, his personal communicator found no signal. His captors weren't precisely imitating Lord Zedd's style (he'd expect more fog and evil laughter, and possibly bruises), but the need for caution was abundantly clear.

Once he'd thoroughly rumpled the bedside area in a panic, calmed himself with a breathing exercise, and mostly brought himself up to speed on the strange computer sitting beside him, he activated it, putting considerable effort into sounding less frightened than he was.]

If I've been given this device, I have to assume there are many more...esteemed guests of our hosts. How are you enjoying your stay?
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Who: Lunafreya Nox Fleuret and you!
Broadcast: None.
Action: Yes, if aboard the SS Blameless. Which clearly means everyone should come to visit her because there is a very special guest aboard the ship now.
When: Early evening.

A - Kitchens.

[ Lunafreya is uncharacteristically excited, and for good reason. Not only does she have her beloved Prince here now along with Ignis, but she's got yet another familiar face from home. If you are aboard the Blameless, crew members or visitors alike will notice the young woman walking around with an extremely friendly looking black dog trotting at her side, looking just as pleased as she is.

She's walking all over the ship, talking to the dog in question, showing him various locations, and he seems to understand her completely. Her next stop is the kitchen, and as she pauses, her faithful companion sits down and barks. She smiles apologetically and crouches down, reaching to pet him, clearly completely unaware that there is, in fact, someone else in the kitchen as well. ]

Forgive me, Umbra, but I'm not so sure you're going to like the food they serve here...

B - The Bridge.

[ What kind of tour would it be for her beloved companion if she were not to show him the bridge of all places? Umbra looks pretty interested -- as interested as a dog can look at least, and as she explains the various functions he tips his head to the side slightly, looking at everything she's pointing out.

But he's not just paying attention to her, oh no. He's paying attention to everything. Umbra's ears twitch, and suddenly his tail is wagging as footsteps approach. As if to signal to Luna that someone is coming, he whines and barks, his front feet prancing in place excitedly because new friends! ]

--Ah, pardon us. I hope we are not in your way.

C - Various areas of the Blameless.

[ While the Blameless isn't the biggest ship in the world, she's been very careful to mention each and every detail that she can think of and show Umbra, who has been keeping a casual pace at her side this entire time. From the kitchens, to the bridge, to the various bedrooms (that she has been respectful enough to NOT go in other than her own, thank you very much), the pup is quite literally getting toted everywhere.

Come and say hello! ]

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