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Who: Maedhros & Fingon
Broadcast: Nope!
Action: Closed.
When: Friday Evening~

(His time amongst the fleet has made him too lax with his time. Maedhros knows better and he puts down the weapons he had been checking, ending his work early for the evening. He then cleans himself up, changing his robes and drawing his long copper hair back into a high ponytail. There is a bandage around one of his arms, but it is easily covered with his sleeve.

It is unfortunate that he can do nothing about his scars. His lips twist bitterly as he finishes his preparations. After buttoning his sleeves - not an easy task - he finally exits his quarters and walks to his cousin's door. Raising a hand, he knocks and...holds his breath.)
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Who: Arthur and anyone
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Mafik
When: Late March

[Arthur's been keeping himself dry and out of the water on his ship for most of the month, with the fact that they were probably going to be leaving the system shortly, he wanted to at least try to see a bit of the watery planet. At least he knew he couldn't drown this time!

Getting around gracefully, however... wasn't going to happen.

He was very aware of the snickerings of a few of the ruder locals as he floundered about, holding onto whatever he could. It was embarrassing, but at this point the Brit was just too proud to give up and go back until he'd at least spent long enough to make the trip worth it. And maybe pick up a souvenir. Just to prove he went out there.]
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[ the first thing that comes up is loud music. cisco is in his lab listening to music in full volume, working on what seems to be a pair of speakers as well as colorful tea bag holders when suddenly he stops, looking ahead, somewhat disoriented and then shouts, just above the music. ]

Ok, the sooner we leave this stupid planet the better!!! before I will go all The Shining on the Atroma's sorry alien asses!!

[ and a moment later, a text message. ]

If you're going to check out the wreckage, be careful. Trust me, seeing the replay of what happened to the it when it went down isn't fun.

I'm suffering from daymares, yo, the least you can do is make sure you know what you're doing down there.
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Who: Jack Sparrow and ANYONE
Broadcast: Fleetwide - Unfiltered
Action: Cargo Bay of the Bishop
When: Soon after appearing on the ship in a shower of brilliant confetti and chocolate


Just like rubbing the sultan's damnable balls again. [Alert listeners will hear him mutter that whilst musing over his adventures and trying to figure out use of the coms.

[The Bishop, though, had possibilities. Its cargo hold was empty save for a bicycle that didn't move and moving pathway to nowhere, but it had plenty of smuggling potential. Maybe, too, a place to hide the rum.

Later, louder, with video:]
Captain Jack Sparrow, here, aboard the bloody metal box, Bishop.

[He doesn't care that Cersei is the "official" captain.]

I've got a keg of ale and a lovely bottle of rum [no he doesn't] to give to the gentleman -- or lady -- [no, he won't] what knows the prime trade routes in this quadrant of the universe. Savvy?
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Who: Eugene et al
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Wonderduck and the Iskaulit
When: Backdated to Wednesday, 3/29

action - Wonderduck

[This time, it isn't a cloud of confetti and an unfamiliar deck. Eugene wakes up in his bunk, the same as he does every what-passes-for-morning-in-space, leg off and leaning against the side of his bunk, iPod alongside his pillow. But something feels off, off-balance like adjusting to a new crutch or being too cold, and it takes a bewildered flit through his communications device to see that he has apparently been out for weeks.

Eventually, he overcomes the jittery, dark feeling and ascends to the ship proper, retreating straight to the kitchen and setting to making something to eat. He makes extra by force of habit, and any crewmates who pop in will find a savory noodle dish in the works, the cook focused on chopping and mixing and seasoning various topping mixtures.

Food first. Then he can figure everything else out.]

action - Iskaulit

[As it turns out, he can only cook for so long. The Marsiva isn't appreciably different, but he does take a few laps around it just to be sure. It feels good to get moving a little, anyway, and given that he's not fond of the options of submersion-testing his prosthetic or trying to figure out his individual wetsuit-and-flippers situation, he prefers spending awhile here in the garden or there in the library, even poking his head into the Interfaith Center once he's settled enough.]

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