Apr. 7th, 2017

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Who: Ardyn and YOU!
Broadcast: Yes
When: Now

[The feed snaps on to show a rather annoyed Chancellor of Niflheim ripping down several posters containing rather nasty rumours about himself.]

I suppose this is some kind of joke? An amusing attempt to gain ratings for this sordid show I presume? Someone, or person's unknown, have been writing some rather sordid rumours about myself. Here, let me read you one of them:

"Ardyn Izunia is a MAGICAL GIRL called SAILOR ARDYN. He has the ABILITY of DUMPSTER DIVING. He wears a pink skirt that comes above his knees-"

Dare I read anymore of this filth? If anyone is responsible for this aboard any of these ships then I may have to come and have a little chat with you. Of course, this could be sent from our masters, the Atroma. I can assure you of this; the ratings will not be raised because of this.

[He's angry, ashamed and downright embarrassed. Not a good cocktail. He's looking at you, Noctis. Did you place these rumours aboard his ship? Ignis? Do you hate him so much to do this? Lady Lunafreya, would you even dare?]

I'm not laughing and there is no reason why any of you should be either.
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Who: Eithan and YOU!
Broadcast: YES! Fleetwide
Action: Blue Fish cargo bay, if you want.
When: RIGHT NOW. (4/7)

[ Hey, another Eithan broadcast! Selfie-style again~ Why not. He's in the cargo area on the Blue Fish, and there's a box next to him. Uh oh, looks like someone got a sponsor drop. ]

So... I got a box. [ He jerks his head toward it, as if it needs pointing out. ] And I don't know why, and I don't know what's in it. And hell, I'm bored enough, probably don't really have that much to lose, so! What the hell - why not open it on camera? Let's see what the hell's in this thing.

[ He nods at the camera on his device, before setting it down and angling it so that he can properly show off this thing's contents when its open. Which just so happens to be... a bunch of coffee mugs! ]

... Huh. Well, that's cool, I mean, I do kinda live off coffee most of the time, so sure.

[ He picks one up, and his eyebrows immediately raise when he reads what's on the side. ]

'Number One Sire'...? What the f--...

[ He trails off as he picks up the note sitting beside the box full of mugs, reads it... and then, he prompltly bursts into laughter. He holds the note up to the camera, for all the world to see: "Eithan is Stefan's sire!"

He drops the note, now that he's pretty much doubled over laughing. But he eventually collects himself long enough to address the camera again, red eyes practically shining with mischief and a fiendish smirk on his face. Oh, he's gonna have fun with this one. ]

Hey, Stefan... looks like someone thinks I bit you at some point.

[ He grins, clearly far too amused by this. Of course, having literally just pointed out the whole vampire thing himself, those fangs of his are probably all the more noticeable. ]
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Who: Crew of the Bishop and guests!
Broadcast: Nope
Action: Aboard the Bishop
When: April!

[ Welcome new folks to the ship. Hang out with the crew. Invite your friends over. Mingle! It's what we're here for! ]
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Who: Furiosa
Broadcast: Video
Action: First Breath
When: Today

[Furiosa had been expecting something, the way everyone else seemed to be receiving drops (and the rumors that were being distributed among the fleet, as well). Although she didn't frame it like she'd said, the postcard detailing Max was tucked away in a footlocker along with the drawing of the two of them.]

[Considering the last sponsor drop she'd gotten had been entirely useless to her - a collection of makeup and hair dyes and product, she decided to open this one over broadcast so she could hawk anything something else might find useful. The scene opens up with her adjusting the camera so you can see her sitting on the cargo bay floor next to the unopened box.]

Okay, Fleet, looks like I wasn't able to escape the rumor mill. Given Atroma's previous record, I'm sure there's going to be a lot of stuff in here I won't be needing. Feel free to call dibs.

[She turns her attention to the box and pops the locks and flips open the lid. She takes out a paper list, glances at it, and then tosses it away, but even though she's not reading it over the broadcast each ship has been supplied with their own copy.]

[Though the angle from the camera can't see in the box, there is a colorful array of faux-fur and shiny cloth horns and plastic eyes poking up out of the top. She pulls out a stuffed animal, something that looks like a cross between an alligator and a bat, and looks at the attached tag. This one she does read aloud.]

'Lost her arm to a ryloc.' [She sets it aside, and pulls out another that's like a spikey armadillo,] Lost her arm to ... a, squigget?' [Sets it down with the ryloc. Pulls out something with a ton of furry tentacles, She looks at the tag but doesn't read it, then sets it in the growing pile and pulls out a couple dozen more.] Same thing, different creature.

[Once all the stuffed animals are out of the box, she looks at the pile, then at the camera, as if she can tell what everyone's thinking.] They're all wrong. I'm not telling. Anyone wants any, hit me up. [Although, she's already thinking about keeping a couple around in case any more kids show up in the Fleet (or, get lost on shuttles and attach themselves to Max). Back into the box she goes.]

[She pulls out a little collection of carefully wrapped packages with a decorated card, frowns as she reads the name on the envelope, and then looks at the feed.]

Tyrion, this says it's for you. I think there was a mixup.

[She sets it aside, then reaches in and pulls out ... a similarly decorated collection of packages. She pauses, looking like they're about to bite her like a snake, and then unties the ribbon and starts to tear the tissue away. One box has perfume, which she looks at curiously like she's only got a vague idea what it is, sniffs it, and makes a face, setting it far away from her.] Please someone take that.

[Next package is some cheap costume jewelry. She gives it a cursory glance before adding it to the perfume.]

[The next box is slightly bigger and flatter, and when she opens it there's a folded layer of tissue paper, she moves it aside and finds a red dress. She pulls it partway out, gives it a very confused look over, and then drops it back in the box and digs around for the envelope. She finds it, rips it over, and reads the card inside - and thankfully, she's distracted enough by the collection that it's tilted just right if someone were so inclined, they could pause the feed and zoom in and read it;]

To help the continuation of the burgeoning love story between Captain Imperator Furiosa and Captan Tyrion Lannister; each are supplied with clothes, accessories, eau de toilet, and finally; a bottle of wine to celebrate the union.

[It's obvious when she finishes reading it, because there's a sharp intake of breath as she crumples the card and looks straight at the camera.]


[She goes to dump the dress back into the box and stops, finding the one last piece of the evening; she pulls out a bottle of acid green wine.]

This looks like coolant. [Intense frown,] are they trying to poison us?
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Who: Starstruck crew and guests!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Aboard the Starstruck
When: All of April

[ oi, crew! we've got some upgraded bathrooms this time 'round, so enjoy your extra hot water! and a comfier tub! and some privacy curtains in the changing area, thank goodness. everyone please remind max to actually use the curtains, of course. (right after you remind him to shower!)

mingle away, starstruckers! don't forget you can still toy around with some of the rumours! ]
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Who: Natasha Romanoff + you?
Broadcast: Fleetwide, text
Action: upon request
When: now

[If Natasha thought she escaped the rumors, she's going to be disabused of the notion. The notes start appearing here and there—short and anonymous. Things like:]

Natasha has a cat named Boris.

Natasha Romanoff once killed a man in Vegas just to watch him die.

Romanoff has been lying about about her age.


Nataasha is a lingerie model.

[That last one, it seems, comes with some evidence. Sponsor drop? Either way, a few files seem to have been uploaded to support the case.


She shouldn't be surprised those came back to haunt her, should she? The real question is if anyone will dare to comment on them.]

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