Apr. 8th, 2017

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Who: Theon Greyjoy
Action: Closed action with Jaime Lannister on the Iskaulit
When: Now is good

[ First thing’s first, a few lines of text flash onto the screen: ]

Theon Greyjoy lost his teeth in a teeth-whitening accident.
Theon Greyjoy bleaches his hair.
Theon Greyjoy is neither grey nor joyful.

[ Not long after, Theon himself appears on screen, white-haired and smirking. Clearly, he hasn’t taken this to heart. At long last, he’s learned to roll with the punches—in this case, at least. There’s no real point in getting upset about this. ]

That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in months. And all of it is completely true. Oh, and to whoever it was that felt I was in need of these—

[ He holds up a box of whitening strips. He has hundreds of them now, thanks to an unneeded sponsor drop. ]

Thank you. I’m almost certain I’ll need them desperately.

[ He flashes an open-mouthed grin to show his broken teeth, just to make a point. ]

this bit is closed action )
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Who: Heron and visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: the Heron
When: April

[Hello birdies! We've got new bunks and a quieter engine, and possibly some rumours stuck to the fridge. What are you getting up to this month?]


Apr. 8th, 2017 02:19 pm
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Who: Carl Grimes & You
Broadcast: Network
Action: Red Fish
When: 4/8

[ The feed opens up in the Red Fish's cargo bay, a large crate opened up and its contents strewn on the floor almost like they're being sorted. Some of the labels can be seen and they're odd flavors and they're followed by some commentary as Carl picks them up. ]

Honey avocado? Cayenne chocolate? Eugh.. Black licorice??

[ The video shakes as he turns the camera around to frame his very confused expression. ]

So I guess this is one of those sponsor drops? I'd say thanks to whoever, but these are... weird. So I guess if anybody wants weird flavored pudding, come to the Red Fish. [ There's a little shuffling as he picks up a sheet of paper and waves it.

It came with one of these, which a lot of people have been getting.

Carl Grimes likes to yell at people when they're asleep.

Carl Grimes once ate 112 ounces of pudding.

Carl Grimes can't take his hat off.

Carl Grimes got shot by a deer.

Compared to the ones other people have been getting? It's not that bad.

003; video

Apr. 8th, 2017 09:52 pm
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Who: Charles and Hank + You Losers
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Blameless
When: Right Now

[two old nerds appear on screen, unboxing a large colouring create with "Congratulations On Your One Year Anniversary!" written on the side in big, bold letters. Inside appears to be plushies of DNA, antibodies, and other related paraphernalia.

Of course, while doing this they're sharing the popular "rumors" about them out loud, for their own amusement. Or bemusement, either or]

Let’s see . . . 'Aliens stole Charles' hair.' I can’t say that’s wrong.

In a manner of speaking, sure.

What else . . . 'Hank is a beast in bed'. Hank, you sly devil.

No comment.

Hmm. 'Hank and Charles are the perfect couple'. I think our students got a hold of this one.

Huh. I just read one lamenting our divorce.

Hold on, what’s this?

[ Charles pulls out a business card ]

Well now . . . I guess I’ll be keeping this.

[Hank's response is to burst into laughter. What a helper]


Apr. 8th, 2017 11:23 pm
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Who: Shiro and you
Broadcast: Fleet-wide
Action: SS Blameless
When: Saturday morning

[For the general public and the Blameless crew, this isn't going to be a surprise, but Shiro is awake pretty damn early. Well, at least for whatever counts as "early" in space. The feed starts at crazy o'clock with Shiro in the seating area, a warm cup of tea in his hands, an open crate next to him and a soft smile on his lips.

What is he smiling at? The plushies on the table. Five lions of different colors and sizes, standing in a very specific order, even if most people probably won't get it and will think the line should be organized by size. And next to the lions, two small plushies: the cutest mice.]

I kept hearing horror stories about these "drops", but this isn't so bad. I like them. Thanks to whoever send them. [Being nice to the public for the sake of his crew's ratings? You betcha. He takes a sip of his tea before asking to the camera.] Hey, Keith, how many red ones do you want?

[Yeah, it's not a matter of if, bro is getting at least one. An idea hits Shiro then and he puts his cup down to start moving the lions around to make a pile, and it will look even weirder this time, because the big black one doesn't go to the bottom. No, he puts the blue and the yellow ones next to each other, then the red one on top of the blue one, green goes on yellow, and on top goes black...

But Shiro pauses, frowning, when he notices a post-it note stuck to the lion's belly. He doesn't read it aloud, but text appears on the screen as his eyes skim it.]

Shiro gets nightmares if he doesn't sleep with his lion.

[Shiro tenses, obviously not liking the note at all, because yeah, half of it is true. And it's hitting him right now that some strangers out there know. Just like that, the feed is turned off - well, the video feed at least. Because Shiro keeps reading the messages afterwards, so of course they keep appearing on the screen, one for each plushie.]

Shiro isn't his real name.
Shiro burns water.
Shiro and Keith haven't reached third base.
Shiro sinks even in small lakes.
Shiro can't grow a worthy mustache.
Shiro's white bangs are a clip-in.

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