Apr. 15th, 2017

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Who: marian hawke & you!
Broadcast: fleetwide text.
Action: ss tourist.
When: post-shuffle.

[ Marian waits a few hours before she sends out the message and checks a couple of times to be absolutely sure. She'd love to say that it's fine, that they're home now, but it doesn't feel fine. Thedas is still royally screwed in so many different ways and Anders.... There is no way he would have returned absent his ghostly roommate.

Ugh, this sucks. ]

friends of adalwolfe hawke and anders
i have some sad news you give you
they are no longer on the fleet and have gone back to thedas
so yeah


[ The message ends there, though if someone tried to look for Hawke herself they'd find her aboard the Tourist in her own room for once. The door isn't locked, in fact it is partly ajar, and she sitting on her bed with Dog laying obnoxiously across her lap. ]
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Who: Furiosa and Tyrion, Feris, Kaidan, Max, and maybe you?
Broadcast: Video
Action: First Breath hangar
When: April 17

[New system, new rules, new opportunities. Furiosa does her exploring and gets a lead to a mining job that pays a little more than some of the others - partly because it's on one of the farther asteroids and through some treacherous pirate territory.]

[Which Furiosa didn't think she'd have any trouble with, especially if she could flesh out a crew of like-minded individuals.]

Fleet. Furiosa here. I've got a bite on a mining job out past the main cluster. Needs a few more bodies; I'll be leaving [insert reasonable time here] so meet me in the First Breath hangar before hand and you're in. Good pay.

[She'll be in the hangar bay doing general maintenance on the shuttle for the extended trip.]

[[ooc: for this plot]]

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