Apr. 16th, 2017

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Who: Isabela and any fellow Criminals (obviously established CR is encouraged, but if you think your character could have been reasonably referred to come along for Crimes, feel free to drop in! If there's any question about it, drop me a pm or message me at [plurk.com profile] digitalsocrates)
Broadcast: None
Action: Opportunities insufficiently guarded. Victimless crimes. More details here. Also feel free to drop your own OTAs.
When: Throughout the latter half of april. part 2 will continue through may.

Summer has been a tourist long enough. Corbius offers everything that a ne'er-do-well could ever wish for. Safe ports to spend your money. Lawless skies to lie, cheat and steal. Shady ports willing to buy things with minimal questions asked. A pirate's paradise.

The problem is, she doesn't have a ship, or a crew.

But that's a quick fix, isn't it? There are three requirements to come along with Summer:

1) She's the captain. If she gives you an order, follow it or you're gone.
2) Be discreet. She doesn't want the whole fleet to know about this.
3) Be capable. If you can't carry you're weight, you're out.

we need a ship. or ships. More ships is better. )

Aboard the newly christened  )

Why are all her friends so Lame? )

FIIIINE. Aka we'll rob bad guys instead )

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