Apr. 17th, 2017

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Who: Seymour Krelborn and you!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Marsiva
When: Right now

[Seymour wakes up slowly, and at first he doesn't even realize anything is wrong until he suddenly realizes that he had no memory of even trying to go to bed last night with... everything that happened.]

I don't remember...

[His vague confusion quickly grows to near-panic as he realizes he's in a completely unfamiliar area. He almost jumps out of his cot and tries in vain to find some sort of exit to this place.

Of course that stops as soon as he looks out of the window and notices that he is in space. He barely keeps himself from screaming as he tries desperately to now look for anyone else on the ship.]

Hello? Am I dreaming? Or dead?

... Twoey, did you do this?

[He didn't know why Twoey would want to trap him in space, but why couldn't they? They could apparently grant wishes and can talk, and Seymour really had no idea what the extent of their powers were.

... Dear god did he just fall into a trap?]
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Who: Lance Hunter and yourself, should you choose to engage!
Broadcast: yes
Action: Marsiva
When: no time like the present!

[ the comm seems to be haphazardly leaning against something, and the image you get is crooked. a sleeping man, who almost instantly awakes with a start. no scream, mercifully, he's quite over screamer videos, and besides, it wouldn't really be that surprising under the circumstances, now, would it? his eyes dart around the room, his feet flying off the cot and touching the ground. the moment he speaks, his accent undeniably and unapologetically identifies him as an englishman. ]

Not again - [ he groans, looking around him. the first time he was knocked out and kidnapped happened because he was foolish, he trusted a friend when clearly he had overestimated the bond, bloody spies, he's had his fill of bloody spies. but this time - he has no idea what happened. one minute, he's in a pod, sailing to freedom and the next - he's in this bed. he must not have deactivated something. do they have a blasted tracker beam on these things? so paranoid! ] Oi, @therealshield, you forgot to paint your eagle - I'm gonna have to deduct your merits - [ no answer. the room really doesn't seem like anywhere his previous captors kept him in, and that's rarely a coincidence. he gets up, and the comm seems to slip off whatever it was leaning against and end up in a new position, one that shows the back of the man, as he walks towards a window. ] ...you have got to be joking.

[ and a moment later ] Bloody aliens!

[ the man comes in and out of the frame, as he's clearly examining his surroundings, before he heads back to check on what he's got by his cot, and notices the comm. picking it up, you now get a close up of his face - ] Little red light - you're either going to explode or - [ that sure looks like a camera, doesn't it? he holds it directly in front of his face. ]

Take me to your leader.


Apr. 17th, 2017 12:31 pm
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Who: Shovel Knight and all!
Broadcast: Video
Action: Marsiva
When: April 17th, morning

[There's a clanking sound, like someone rattling a stack of pots and pans. But for some, it's a recognizable sound of someone sprinting in full armor. It's a short-statured individual in blue and gold as he rushed into the frame from the bottom, where he'd done a number on a few of the robotic equipment that had been poking and prodding at him when he awoke.]

Shield Knight!

[The figure stopped, listened for a response. Upon hearing none, he moved quickly along the blank white walls, ignoring the equipment as his hands flit over the surfaces. He knocked, he listened, and perhaps sought where one portion would be weakest. Here is where he would lower his center and shoulder-ram the wall with all of his might. Rather than give way, the wall was more stalwart than he. He grunted his discomfort and tread back, taking a look around.]

Shield Knight! [Silence.]

Please... I cannot lose you again...

[He balled his fists and stood at the ready. Unarmed, but feisty.]

No. I must not falter. The Tower! Perhaps I am still in the Tower of Fate. But what knave takes a knight's weapon without a contest...?

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