Apr. 18th, 2017

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Who: Richard Castle and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Twin Roses, if desired
When: April 18th

[When Castle turns the feed on, he has a mischievous grin on his face... and is sporting a very, very 80's pink mullet wig. There's also a glittery star sticker on his cheek, and he adjusts the wig before holding up another one.]

The sponsors have sent me a bunch of stuff to help me realize my long-buried dream to be a glam rocker. Should I go with the Jem-esque pink wig, or would I look more fetching in this neon green? Oooh, ooh, or I could put on some facepaint and carry around this inflatable guitar and get my Gene Simmons on.

I have a whole crateful of wigs and makeup to go around, so, hey, if anyone REALLY wants to make it big in this asteroid belt as a musician... a costume might help.
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Who: A ~mysterious anonymous text post~ and you!
Broadcast: Anonymous text
Action: The Vanquish, if you can figure her out.
When: Now!

[Caster's bored, and she hasn't started a war in a while, so at some point when no one's looking too hard, an anonymous text post appears on the network:]

Which are cuter, cats or dogs?


Apr. 18th, 2017 11:12 pm
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Who: Lumiére and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Wonderduck
When: Today!

[Since arriving at the Fleet, Lumiére has tended towards just using the voice function to communicate with people outside of the Wonderduck. It makes his life considerably easier. He doesn't have to navigate the mine-field of questions that come with just looking at him. He can talk to people like a normal person, and it's great.

Today, though, he needs to actually address the problem of his general...him-ness, and as such, he'll switch the video on. He casts the screen a warm smile all the same, giving a little wave of a candle-hand.

Bonjour, my fellow Fleet members. This is quite an interesting planet, no? I hear the concerts here are really something to experience. I might have to test out the waters myself. It has been a while since I got to enjoy one.

[It's not the kind of concert he's used to, but after a decade of no concerts at all, he'll sure as heck give this new kind a try.]

But! I had another reason for speaking to you today. I have heard there are several people in the Fleet who are experienced with magic. I was hoping I could speak to them, especially if they know anything about curses- because as you can see [he chuckles, gesturing to himself] I have something that might interest their magically inclined minds.

[Filtered to Winn]

As promised. Here I am, settled on the Wonderduck and checking in. [Like three weeks too late but ya'll can't expect miracles. If you wanted good time-keeping, you should have befriended the clock]

[Otherwise, Lumiére can be found happily hopping around the table of the Wonderduck, carefully setting it so it at least looks like an actual, fancy dinner table and not a metal slab where people sit and eat. They may be in space, but they can still have a little culinary refinement, god.

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