Apr. 23rd, 2017

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Who: Arthur and you
Broadcast: Video
Action: Huntress
When: April 23rd!

[Arthur didn't actually remember his actual birthday, and he'd certainly never mentioned his unofficial one to anyone in the fleet, yet somehow, on the one day he'd stopped back on the Huntress to water his plants, there was a large package for him in the cargo bay. A crate with his own flag splashed over the top and 'Happy Birthday' scrawled over it in bad handwriting.]

How did they- I'm not opening this here.

[Shortly after dragging the crate back to his room, his device has switched on while he pries the box open, the lid all but jumping up as the contents absolutely jammed inside... puffed up. Arthur narrowed his eyes and peered in, staring at the contents.

Stuffed animals. Almost half a dozen varieties of stuffed animals. And all of them looking very, very British.]

Just what am I supposed to do with these?

[Picking one up, he finally notices the comm is on and gives it an exasperated look.]

Alright, who told them?
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Who: Makie and you
Broadcast: Nope
Action: Planetside / Iskaulit / Twin Roses
When: 16 April - early May, most likely.

A - Business as Usual

[Makie finds this new, skyless world daunting, but given it's not underwater like the last one, she'll take it. She can be found plying her shamisen music in the crowds and taverns, sometimes on her own but often with company, though she's more likely to move swiftly to avoid crowds afterward than stay and talk to them, so you might find her lurking just inside a small cafe or down an alleyway taking a breather. She makes a nominal search for saplings or seeds which might work well for a memorial tree, but she doesn't really have the gardening experience to know which of these will flourish on the Iskaulit. Their care system is entirely different, after all.

As the week wears on, she becomes more relaxed and lets herself enjoy this place a little more. Misty is popular, and that's partly Makie's teaching, and that means she's passed on something worthwhile... and it's a good feeling all round. Later in the week she forgoes wearing her kimono entirely, indulging in the
peasant dresses she picked up so many planets ago, and spends more times just basking in the musical environment down here. Even being vaguely sociable.

Blink and you'll miss it.]

B - Another Perspective

[On 23 April, Makie takes a shortcut between two buildings and promptly disappears. But a small child shuffles out soon afterward, trying very hard not to trip over the hem of an overlong and unfamiliar dress, shamisen still wrapped carefully in both arms and hugged to her chest. It's the only familiar thing here and it looks expensive, so she clings to it like a lifeline and blinks owlishly around the strange world she finds herself in.

There's no sky.  The lights and the crowds are the conflicting sounds are overwhelming, and she soon retreats, clinging close to walls like a ghost until she finds a place to hide.  If the last year has taught her anything, it's how not to get noticed in a dirty street, but the shamisen and the tent of a dress she's wearing do kind of tend to stand out.

There's no sky.  And she remembers a field, and an angry old man, and what happened after, and she's not hurt now, but this place is a miserable cacophony of alien impressions... She shouldn't eat the food here, just in case it means she can't ever go home.  She remembers that part.  (Though honestly, would it really matter?  There's nothing really to go back to--)

If you run into her here, she will eventually leave again.]

C - And Then There Were Assholes

[By the time she's singled out as an easy pickup by a handful of drunken traffickers, Makie is too tired and hungry and miserable to put up a fight.  This is what happens to outcasts, anyway.  She just doesn't care, as long as they don't take the shamisen from her, and so she stumbles along behind one as he pulls her along by the wrist roughly, joking with his friends, heading for their ship.

"Gorgeous skin, right?  So pale--"
"And that hair--"
"She'll make a fortune, sell her
to the right place--"

Oh.  The more things change... she's not stupid.  But she just follows, eyes dark.  Frankly at this point, she doesn't give a damn.  It's not like anything different would have happened at home.

...so intervention would be welcome.]

D - Catch-all

[For any time after the events of the 23rd.  One can assume she's exploring, and probably pretty taken with the fox park and all the sneaky quiet places she can poke her nose into on the Iskaulit.  She'll be very polite and try not to get in your way.  I can roll with whatever!]


Apr. 23rd, 2017 08:21 pm
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Who: SS Huntress and visitors!
Broadcast: n/a
Action: SS Huntress
When: as long as we're alive y'all

[do the mingle]

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