Apr. 26th, 2017

imfine1111one: (Not enough alcohol for this.)
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Who: Apollo and Whoever!
Broadcast: Yes, in A
Action: Yes!


Sent via radio broadcast only, but honestly, his voice is plenty recognizable.]

Um!! So has anyone else applied to those delivery jobs? If you haven't er. . .don't bother. I don't think it's normal to show up, and then just, hypothetically, have them shove a non descript paper bag of moss at you with a smudged address on an index card. T-that said! Does anyone know of any environmentally friendly ways to dispose of a large amount of rare moss? Asking for a friend.

[Should anyone want to bump into him, he's down on an asteroid, trying really hard to figure out where to hide this. Maybe tossing it at the back of a fast food joint?? Who the heck knows.]


LAWYERS HAVE TO EAT and pay nonexistent bills, so after former Questionable Activity, Apollo decides to take on a less morally ambiguous job. Pet sitting!!

Except the client has left him in the care of just. A really big rock, roughly just below half his size. It even has a jeweled collar. And of course, the owner insisted that he walk it. So, should you be taking a stroll on the Meston asteroid, you may just spot Apollo, trying his best to push a rock down a sidewalk, or is sitting beside it, angrily staring at it. Why this, why him, always.]

Maybe I should have stuck with the delivery service.

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