Apr. 27th, 2017

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Who: Prompto and You
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Marsiva
When: Currently

[He thinks he’s still in Zegnautus Keep at first. The bunk feels more comfortable than he remembers, but a slab of rock would feel like a heavenly pillow after being strung up on some weird contraption. It’s only after he’s been staring at a ceiling and not the underside of the upper bunk that it starts to dawn on him. This isn’t one of the dormitories tucked away in the keep.

He sits up, confusion making him slow. This could all be a dream. (Would he know it was a dream if it was a dream? Does that make it not a dream?)]

Must have hit my head…

[He reaches up to test the gash that had been sitting pretty near his temple. And finds nothing. Actually, he’s feeling pretty good all over right now, and isn’t that weird?

His feet carry him to the to the viewing bay. If he’s dreaming, he’s got a killer imagination.]


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