Apr. 28th, 2017

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Who: Red Savarin and special guest, you!
Broadcast: Live, coast to coast
Action: The grand entrance of a new cast member on the Marsiva
When: Half past April 28th

"Come onnn...!"

Oddly-hurried footsteps followed the frustrated muttering on the video feed; those who glanced up as the sounds grew louder might have caught a moment of that bipedal canine- one fairly well dressed for piloting work, at that- jogging right through and past the frame before those sounds of movement hesitated.

"There's gotta be-- ah, maybe...?"

A soft, dull mechanical noise came through the speakers... followed by a wet, sopping plop. To those more familiarized ears, it sounded a bit like one of the food dispensers issuing out some of its--


Oh yeah. It was a food dispenser. And soon, it was Red rushing past the camera once again, his expression looking all the more frustrated on the second pass.

"Where're they keepin' the real food?!"
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Who: Chloe Price and Open
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: On the asteroids.
When: Last week of the month.

[Fleetwide Video]

[Chloe is in her room on the Tourist, packing things into a backpack she bought. For those who remember Rey, there is a very familiar staff resting across the bed next to it. Chloe glances at the video for a moment. She seems...more subdued than usual, but not as miserable as her last post. Just distracted, maybe.]

You ever get the feeling you might be cursed?

[She says it in a kind of quiet, resigned sort of way, then just shrugs and manages a little smirk.]

Guess it doesn't matter. I don't believe in that shit anyway. [A beat.] Whatever. I need to get away for a few days, gonna go explore the asteroids for a few days. Apparently there are mushrooms all over the place. Who can resist right? If anyone wants to tag along just hit me up. Company couldn't hurt.

[Someone is going to go get high on weird alien mushrooms. Probably.]

If anyone on the Tourist needs me I'll have my comm but I'm not comin' back for anything less than the ship being on fire. If somebody gets hurt, the meds are all labeled. Go crazy. If you overdose and I find you dead in my lab I am going to just roll you out an airlock.

[That might not be true. Probably. Don't risk it?]

So. Don't fuck up.

[She shoves a couple more things into the bag and swings it over her shoulder, then picks up the staff.]

See you kids in a few days. Oh, and Jarvis, feed my cat huh? Thanks.


Prompts for the Tourist and then the asteroids )
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Who: Allen Walker
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: Today

[Those who have been in the fleet awhile may recognize the set up of this broadcast. Allen stands behind a table in his clinic, ready to address the camera. Timcanpy sits in the background on a shelf, this time wearing a little fake mohawk. Allen's smile is as pleasant as anyone about to give a very rehearsed PSA, and the tone matches.]

Hello everyone! For those who don't know me, I'm Allen Walker, I'm one of the medics aboard the SS Blue Fish. I just have a couple announcements for today!

We'll be holding our bimonthly blood drive this weekend. The blood donated is kept for medical emergencies that require blood transfusions. In other words, we use scientific methods to help someone whose lost a lot of blood. If you donate, we'll gladly pay you!

If you're interested and are over the age of 16, please fill out the form attached to this video. [And what do you know, it's there] If you're interested in volunteering, please let me know. Vampires and similar beings need to be able to have restraint around blood and will not be allowed to sample the blood. The blood drive will be held on the SS Blue Fish, as usual.

And as always, there will be cookies to anyone who volunteers or donates!

Secondly, you're probably all aware by now that the popular past time in this system revolves rock music. Rock music is very good and can be very entertaining, but please keep in mind safety precautions when you are, um, rocking out. As in, remember to wear ear plugs if you're going to a loud concert or performing, don't wear any clothing that might be a safety hazard, and no matter how "metal" you think it look, do not set any instruments in use on fire.

That's all I have for today. I hope you have a good day, and um, rock on!

[He gives the "rock on" hand gesture, before waving to the camera with a grin, and then the feed cuts out]

[OOC: As usual, the blood drive will be handwaved! Thanks everyone!]

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