May. 19th, 2017

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[ It's been a few days since the heist, and the Fleet is surely back to business as usual: biding time until it's time to leave and begin yet another drifting period. Meanwhile, the two Interceptor agents are still hiding on the very edges of the system, their specific location kept secret from the Fleet - for -everyone's safety. Still, they keep their encrypted frequency in place, just in case anything requiring their attention comes up. Until now, it's been quiet. Uneventful. They consider that a good thing, honestly.

But the quiet and the uneventful don't last.

Without warning, the Marsiva stirs. Something at the very top of her shifts in place, entire sheets of metal sliding apart to reveal an opening - one that produces a barrel. A cannon barrel. It spins and clicks into place, large and ominous, finally coming to a stop as it's pointing into the distance -- right where the Interceptor agents are hidden.

The cannon begins to charge, an ominous swirl of heat and energy pulsing to life inside... and then, all too quickly, it fires: a high-powered ablation laser - a three-second beam of white-hot brightness that seeks to destroy. After, just as quickly as the gun appeared, it shifts back inside the Marsiva, and the gap is closed off.

The resulting massive burst of light can easily be seen from the Fleet ships, and even from the surface of some asteroids in the system. The EMP aftershock knocks some electrical systems offline, but only for a second, with no damage done.

Well, no damage done to the Fleet ships. The Interceptors, though... Could they have survived that? ]


[ After that, those concerned about the spoils of your heist might want to double-check on the safety of all of it, hmm? Prepare for some bad news...

It doesn't matter which file you try, any files, intel, and information gained from the Dreadhorse's lab that was put onto the network in any capacity is now tightly locked, and right now, no amount of decryption will even begin to make a dent in the wall.


Oh, remember - you grabbed something other than those files on Atroma...! Something incredibly important! That AI unit!! Better check on that!

Plugging the drive into any compatible device returns an error: the drive doesn't exist. Tech-savvy individuals can poke around, try to get around this, plug it into different ports in the hopes that there will be different results, but to no avail. The AI is no longer accessible, no matter what you try. The drive it's on may as well be a paperweight now for all the good it will do you - it's unusable. Period.

Ominously enough, though, enough poking will eventually net you this very important message:


It's only displayed long enough to be read, before it fades from the screen. The drive is still essentially a brick.

... What now? ]

(( OOC: And with that... The AI has been taken from you, the files on Atroma are locked, and the fate of the Interceptor agents is unknown.

- While it's difficult to determine the exact direction that laser was fired, it is possible. However, any investigations out there will turn up nothing: no trace of the Interceptors' shuttles, no signs of activity, only some singed and/or exploded space rock debris.
- The locked files apply only to anything on the Atroma network. **IF CHARACTERS COLLABORATED TO KEEP A COPY OF FILES OFFLINE SOMEWHERE, then that copy is still safe! You dodged a bullet!! There is an OOC post here made by Shiro's player (thank you!) attempting to organize such an effort.
- The AI, however, is too massive to have been copied onto anything else, so it is absolutely inaccessible now.

Any other questions/comments/concerns? Feel free to drop a comment here! ))
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[The video is fumbled on as Tyrion Lannister is staring out the front of the First Breath, abject horror touching his face.]

By the Seven ... by the fucking Seven! What is that - what is that -

[He looks at his video, fumbling with it, to point it towards the Marvisa.]

There's some sort of .... terrifyingly large gun coming out of the ship and it's - Ah.


[He slapped on the communicator, flipping the ship to the encrypted frequency.]

This is a warning! Repeat, this is a warning! You are in grave danger! You must leave immediately - I repeat! Grave danger! The giant gun is pointed Right At You and you have to get out of there NOW -

[The gun goes off with a giant flicker of light into the nothing, and Tyrion sucks in a harsh breath.]

... oh no.

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