May. 22nd, 2017

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Who: Looma Red Wind
Broadcast: Video
Action: Anyone unfortunate enough to be aboard the Bishop
When: Evening of 5/21? Does space even have evenings? Space dinner time?

[For the past few weeks, Looma had been in A Mood and pricklier than usual. All that came to a screeching halt though, once she took out some of that anger on the ship and discovered something wonderful. And of course she's sharing it! So there's a giant, multi-armed and armor-clad princess gracing the network for you flooters, and she's positively beaming from the cargo hold of the SS Bishop.]

I have discovered the most exciting thing! This ship can repair itself!

[While that wasn't technically true, that was totally the case from Looma's point of view. And she was more than willing to show everyone so that they might better appreciate the superiority of the floating collection of spare parts that she'd been forced to crew against her will okay. It was clearly a superior piece of junk.]


[And with that she's just gonna turn around and punch the absolute hell out of the closest bulkhead. It's loud, the video quality takes a hit as the camera's jostled by the pressure wave and falls on its side, and those two fists of hers have caved in a section of the hull the size of a Winnebago. Also the instrument panel up on the bridge is probably lighting up like a Christmas tree but honestly that is so far from being her problem that it really doesn't matter, right?

But as soon as she pulls her arms back, there's a loud creaking and groaning of metal as the wall just pops itself right back into place, good as new! And the novelty clearly hasn't worn off yet, because Looma's still as excited by this as ever as she turns around to set her communicator back upright.]

Is every ship capable of this?! To think I had been worried I might break something- this is wonderful!

[...okay, yep, she is going right back to beating the hell out of the ship again. And again. For the love of god someone stop her because at this rate she's liable to have everyone aboard convinced that the ship had found its way into an asteroid field or something. Just stop her for their sake, okay?]
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Who: Nami and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Space Bar, Iskaulit
When: Day after Shuffle.  (A few days after the Marsiva was v. rude.)

I'd say it was really intimidating to know the Marsiva has that kind of weaponry, but honestly it's overkill.  You gotta wonder why they didn't use it in defense of us when the raiders came and went, don't you? 

Or not.  [She can think of a few viable reasons.  Mostly it comes down to:  the Atroma are manipulative jackasses.]

Anyway, I'm not here to be bitter.  We've lost a lot of people the last couple weeks, which may or may not be a coincidence.  [But Nami, you just said--]  The Space Bar staff has taken a hit and we're short one bartender.  If you're stir crazy enough you'd like to try your hand at it, drop me a line.  The pay's good, I'm not a slavedriver.  Much of one.

[Pause.  And then deliberately cheerful and kind of... tone deaf, all things considered.  If you don't know her well.]  All that aside, great party, wasn't it?  At least there's that.  I had a lot of fun with a lot of different people.  Drop on by and I'll tell you all about it, it'll make for good blackmail material for your crew.

[Because hell if she's going to pass on even the most innocent of messages over this thing.]


May. 22nd, 2017 08:12 pm
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Who: Daryl Dixon
Broadcast: Unfiltered Fleetwide
Action: The Marsiva if anyone else is on it just yet (he's alone isn't he?)
When: Today

[The subject of this post obviously doesn't know he's being recorded. This is the Marsiva being all nice and broadcasting it's latest arrival's first steps in his new world for all the universe to see.

He's first shown wearing nothing but a frumpy, sweatsuit that's seen many, many, many better days (even with the cleaning that had happened) marked with an "A" on the front. His hair is in his face, dirty and greasy and it looks like it hadn't been washed in weeks. It hides his identity for the time being as he shuffles around the medical bay, quietly exploring his surroundings. He's rubbing at his right side, just below the shoulder, on his chest.

Every so often he reaches out to brush fingers lightly over a surface or an item as he moves out of the medical bay and into the main living quarters where he'll be for the week. Though he doesn't quite know that yet, of course. He keeps shuffling along until he reaches the bunks and lockers. He opens one to find clothing in his size.

The camera doesn't pan away as he shucks his sweatsuit - under which he's wearing nothing - and the scars littering his back are visible for all to see. A mess of parallel lines scattered across every inch of skin and interrupting the tattoo on the right half (a pair of what could be angels or could be demons, hard to tell). It's not visible for long, because he's quick to pulls on the offered briefs and undershirt. The jumpsuit comes next and it being sleeveless is a blessing to him because he prefers the sleeveless life. But in terms of viewership, it allows his nicely muscled arms to remain seen. Once more his fingers stray to his right side, just below his shoulder, on his chest. Like he expects something to be there that isn't.

He apparently has a thing against shoes because he doesn't pull any on as he turns back around, front to whatever camera was trained on him. Finally lifts his head enough for his face to be seen before he starts looking around for a communications array.

It's only when he gets to a console and brings up the menu that the video switches to a close up shot of his face. Exactly what one would expect from a ship to ship video feed.]

Alright, asshole, I'm pulling up the 'appropriate communication channels' so get your ass over here and answer me.

[The words came out as a low, annoyed grumble that didn't have much force to it. Apparently the silence of the feed up to that point had been intentional.]
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Who: Sokka and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: Today!

[Sokka's been asleep for about two weeks, and he's certainly been busy in his dreaming state. When he wakes up and finds himself in his own captain bed, there's a brief moment of confusion. He'd only just been home, having a delicious meal, knowing his life, his Tribe faced an uncertain future. And now he's...on the Blue Fish. The name comes back to him with the low hum of the engine. Well, at least he knew what he was getting here, mostly.

He'll be getting up and exploring around, please feed him. He had the BEST food memory-dream.

And later, once he's learned a little more from his crew of the events he's missed, he turns on the network.

So apparently, Atroma decided to let me sleep though us finally getting any kind of answers. Because that's funny. I'm laughing. I need details, guys, anything you can give me that you found out. Doesn't matter if I've heard it before, different perspectives are important.

[That's his latest Life Lesson He Learned. Yay.]

...And I'm sorry. For people who lost people. Seems there was a lot of that while I was asleep.

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