May. 24th, 2017

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Who: Mon-El, Kara, and Takeshi
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Asteroid & Goldstone
When: While still at the asteroid belt

[Action: Closed to Kara - Asteroid]
[Strolling along one of the nicer asteroids, pleasantly full from a meal large enough that it may have worried the restaurant owners. He is walking side by side with Kara and while it still doesn't seem real that Winn is just gone, he's having a pretty good day with the woman he loves. He's smiling at her when he notices a store with toys in the display window and stops.]

Oh, let's go in there.

[Action: Closed to Takeshi - Goldstone]
[Knock, knock, Captain. There's a Daxamite at your door bearing gifts.]

(OOC: If you want to call or run into Mon-El on one of the asteroids, the Goldstone, the Tourist, or the Iskaulit, please have at him! If you want a specific prompt just let me know!)

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