May. 26th, 2017

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Who: Billy Cranston
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Red Fish
When: one evening, right now

[It's been fairly quiet on the Red Fish this month, at least with what little time he's spent on it. He's finally started to pad his bank account with all those races and shifts at the garage, but the recent events he'd been on the periphery of? He's now a little worried about their situation.

And a recent conversation with a friend has brought something to mind.]

Hey everyone,

I understand if this is too personal of a question to answer a stranger, but when applying for augment upgrades, what do you tend to focus on? I was initially thinking about improving my station, but knowing what could be out there...improving our self-defense abilities might be the wiser option. We're sitting ducks regardless, but maybe we could use sharper beaks?

Perhaps coordinating with the rest of the ship is the best course, but things change so quickly. I'm worried.

[No more stretching metaphors for Billy. He just smiles and turns back to his work, and passengers of the Red Fish will find him twisting bolts a little more aggressively than usual.]


May. 26th, 2017 05:59 pm
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Who: Enid
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Marsiva, and later the SS Vanquish
When: right now

Marsiva - action + network
[Waking with a start in an instinctual panic that takes away from her normally pretty features, the first few minutes of this girl on the feed are nothing new. She jumps up quickly to the unfamiliar surroundings knowing in her gut this is wrong and feeling she has to find a way out, to run home before the person responsible came back. But more and more, as the seconds pass, it becomes clearer to her the situation goes beyond an average kidnapping. There device filming her is something she first ignores thinking what any person from her world would: it is non-functioning and there only as a reminder of what was. She's smart though and soon sees it is actually filming her. She can imagine a few reasons why, like ensuring she wasn't laying in wait to jump out and fight if they came back, but she pushes the reasons she comes up with to the back of her mind so they don't away from her concentration. She locates the communications device as she is supposed to.

The panic on her features fade for forced calmness, courage. She stands there facing the screen, finding it in her to make a statement, before deciding to voice them to the world or whom ever was watching.]

I don't know why you took me. [She pauses for a moment, taking a breathe in. Clearly she doesn't remember how it happened either by the small uncertain look on her face.] But if you just let me go, I promise I won't cause you any trouble. No one will come bother you after. Do we have a deal?

SS Vanquish - action
[What good is one surprise without another? Just when she thinks she is getting her bearings with where she was, Enid teleports to the bridge of another place she doesn't recognize at all. The SS Vanquish. With the confetti, the tune of music meant to be welcoming, and cupcakes somehow in hand, she freezes in place with a look of shock, without batting an eyelash at anyone that approuch.]
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Who:Catelyn Stark
Action: she's still on the Caprine
When: now seems as good a time as any

[ She could be on any of the ships, from all you can tell from what little you see. She has the look of one who hasn't rested properly in some time, yet there is more than a little determination there. She leans forward and faces the camera squarely. She is not one to run and hide away. It may be unwise to so openly speak, yet she will brave the consequences. ]

My fellow unwilling passengers, what can you tell me of the Atroma? I know little myself and perhaps that is the case for us all, yet it is possible we all hold some small facet of the puzzle.


May. 26th, 2017 07:32 pm
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Who: Clay Terran + You
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: On the Vanquish!
When: Now!

[It wasn't like it was hard to figure out; Clay contacts Apollo often, just to talk about everything and nothing. And today, he tried to do it again, only to get an error. He knows what it means, yet he tries again, again and again, until it really sinks in.

He gives himself some time to scream into a pillow, you know, normal reaction to the knowledge that your best friend left, most likely for good, before picking up his comm again. Part of him thinks it'd be good to address via video, but he doesn't really trust himself to do it. After some debate, he decides to just text instead.]

hey so uh

if anybody knew a guy named apollo justice he went back to his world

dont get me wrong its a good thing!! he really didnt like it here

hes afraid of heights and u cant get any higher than space right

lol he was practically becoming a hermit with how much he stayed on his ship

so yeah

its good

hes apollo justice after all

he'll be fine!!!!

[Ugh, that sucked. But... whatever. After the loss of some other friends of his, and now Apollo, that's about the best he's got to give for today.]
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Who: Prompto Argentum, Yuuri Katsuki
Broadcast: No
Action: Iskaulit
When: May 26

[Prompto has been desperate for space. Not outer space - room space. He needs to move. The Bishop is okay, but it's not ideal. And anyway, he hasn't made much effort to get to know his crewmates. He doesn't want to annoying them with his constant bouncing and shuffling. The treadmill in the cargo hold lasted all of three days before the boredom got to him.

Which is how he finds himself on the Iskaulit. It's much bigger, and that's perfect.]


[He picks an out of the way area to do a little warm-up stretching. It would be nice to run - and not because something was trying to kill him.]

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