May. 27th, 2017

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Who: SS Bloodsport and visitors!
Broadcast: Probably not
Action: Bloodsport
When: 26 May onwards!

[You know the last time we had one of these was three months ago?  Things have been that quiet.

Or, y'know, we've all been busy with espionage.  Such is life.]

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Who: Dezel and you
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Malum only.
When: Evening.


[The voice that graces the communicators isn't a frequent one. It's low and rough, belonging to a man who has lost something dear to him yet again. Even so, the consonants are clinical. He doesn't sound like the sort of guy who wastes time.]

For those who knew him, Sora's gone.

[He's checked every asteroid, the party, god, even some other ships. He came up empty. He runs his thumb invisibly over the wayfinder Sora made for him way back when-- a good luck charm for the seraph with incredibly bad luck.

There's never enough time.]

Maybe he'll be happy at home. Who knows.

[He doesn't know what else to add, so he just shuts off the feed and goes to work.]

[action at the Malum] )

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